Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Let's all go nude!!!!!

Where is your mind at?  I'm talking about lipsticks silly.  Yes, the new fashion trend (well not really new, but very, very popular) this coming season is a nude lip or a red lip.  It seems like extremes doesn't it?  Anyways, just want to say, and this is important to say, NOT ALL NUDE LIPSTICK HAS TO BE THE COLOR NUDE!!!  What makes a nude lipstick truly nude is how it looks on YOU.  So, if you are darker skin toned, you are not going for the light beigy nude lipstick.  That is going to make you look sick!  Or, if you are olive skin toned, you may go for more of a peachy lip color to achieve the nude lip look.  See, the secret to a great nude lip is if it adds vibrancy to your face.  If you try a lip color and you look sick, or void of color, it's not the right shade.  Let's help you out shall we?  It should be noted that we went to our friends from Us Weekly and InStyle magazine to get just the right pics to show you the differences in nude lipsticks.  Enjoy!!

You will notice that Rachel's lipcolor has a peachy tone.  It brings out the color in her face and compliments the color in her hair.  If she were wearing a very beige color it may wash out her face!

Is your complexion a light brown?  Jordin's nude lip has a bit of brown/plum in it.  It's not overbearing at all and compliments her skintone perfectly.

For fair toned ladies, a hint of pink in your lip screams perfection!

Do you have a tawny complexion?  Try a color with a hint of orange!  Notice how her lips are not overstated and it looks as though that could actually be the color of her lip just enhanced?  That's the goal you are going for.

Olive skin tone?  A great nude lip look has some red and pink in it.  Brings out the color in your face and you will notice, allows for the eyes to shine!!  When you look at this pic, I see eyes!  Nude lips are great paired with an accented eye makeup look.  Btw - olive skin tones can wear that beigy color as well - just sayin.

Darker skin tone - go for a gloss with a hint of color.  In this example, Gabrielle went for a pinky neutral tone.  A bit of shimmer is nice too.

Question for you ladies.  Is this a nude lipstick tone?

The answer is YES!!!  Who would wear it?  Our darker toned sisters that's who.  So when we say that a nude lipstick is not just beige or a light lipstick, we're serious.  What is nude for one may not be nude for another so consider the following  when you are choosing a nude lipstick for yourself:

1.  What is my skin tone?

2.  What is the undertone of my lip?

3.  Does the color compliment my whole look that I'm trying to achieve?

A knowledgeable makeup artist will be able to help you choose a great nude lip color that is right for you.  

Let me ask you a question and ponder it - some of you will get it and some won't but that's ok.

When you look in the mirror after a shower and you look at your nude skin, what color do you see?  Not all nudes are created equal.

Yours in beauty,

Pink Ink

p.s.  when sporting a nude lip it is best to go with a fierce eye makeup look.  just an fyi.

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