Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Skin Love - Take Care of Your Skin


How did we come up with the ratings we came up with? 
Well, all of the products got points for being effective.   It needs to be said that all of the product lines are effective. 
They did what they claimed to do. 

They all made a difference in the condition of our skin. 

certain products work better for certain people.  It really depends on your particular skin type. 

Your budget will have a lot to do with it as well.  Don’t let the numbers scare you; women spend BILLIONS of dollars per year on skin care and cosmetics.  When you break down the costs to how much you spend per month - or even per day – it’s not that much.  You have to figure out which one will work with you.  

We also looked at the packaging and ease of finding out the ingredients in the products (very important!!). 

Now,  everyone is waiting to read what we use on our skin.

 You may be surprised but here you go!


 I’ve had some skin issues over the last year.  I believe these issues are due to hormonal changes, age and stress (whether good or bad).  My issues resulted in scarring (which I mask well with Pink Ink’s liquid concealer – just sayin).  I was using Mary Kay for years and loved it.  However, over the last year I’ve had to try many other products to find the one that works best for me…
My current cocktail consists of the Aloette skin care line morning and night with Nucerity’s  Skincerity product at night in combination with the Aloette skin care line. 
My scarring is fading, my skin is so soft and the acne has subsided significantly!!

UPDATE:  I'm still using Aloette.  Acne is completely gone.  Scarring has nearly disappeared.  Very happy with my skin care regime.


I like easy.  I like quick.  Out of all of the products we tried, my favorite was the Aloette because of the scent and how it made my skin feel.  However, like I said,  I’m into easy and quick.  I use Cetaphil in the morning, Seacret mud soap at night and argan oil to moisturize.  That’s it!!

There are a few highlights that we'd like to point out that might make an impact on your decision.

If the steps involved in getting your skin into tip-top condition are of concern, you can see that Mary Kay and Luminesce will have you out the door with a shorter routine.

If you get flustered at the thought of a million products on your counter top, perhaps ENJO or Skincerity can alleviate that stress with fewer items involved.

Finally, we have provided you with a means to compare costs versus longevity.  ENJO's product/s last between 2 and 5 years, but don't include a moisturizer… the other end of the spectrum has Skincerity which lasts (on average) about a month.  Either of these might appeal to you if you don't want to repurchase often or if you want to keep only what you need today to avoid missing expiration dates.

Based on our testing of each of the skin care product lines, we have found a winner that works for us….


We encourage you to go back and read all of the information we have provided on each product we tested so that you can see our methods and results.  

We'd like to thank all of the companies involved in our evaluation and would like to encourage you - our readers - to try each out for yourselves to find YOUR perfect skin care regime.

Please know that each of the representatives for the above products will gladly provide you with a complimentary consultation (we’ve listed a few for you below).


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* Pink Ink is offering our unsolicited and unbiased opinion on these skin care product lines.  No money was exchanged for our reviews and this post is not sponsored.  We are not looking to sell any of these products, so our endorsement does not provide us with any financial gain.
The opinions expressed in this post are our own based on personal testing.  Individuals considering a new skin care regime should research and investigate further as our results may be specific to us.