Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Concealers - NICE!!

This post won't be long but it will be strong.  A little while ago we did a Tip of the day post on facebook called Concealer - A girl's best friend.  Many of us do not have perfect skin - but we can sure look like we do!  Concealers help to mask the imperfections that we all have.  You can use them to brighten under the eye area, to cover acne/bruising, or to even out your skin tone. The first thing that we must know and understand is to know when to use which color of concealer.  To help with this, let's take a look at the colour wheel.  


So the trick is to choose the color of concealer that is opposite of the color of the issue you are trying to hide.  For example, peach/pink toned concealers cover blue under eye circles; green toned concealers cover redness (especially good to cover acne); and yellow toned concealers help even out uneven skin tones.

Another special tip - did you know that the right use of a concealer can shave 5lbs off of your face?  It is called contouring.  If you go to youtube there are thousands of videos to show you step by step how to effectively contour your face.  However, if you think of dark receding and light bringing forward.  The correct placement of each of these colours of concealer (light and dark) can provide the illusion of a thinner you.  I grabbed a pic from the internet to show you what I mean:

Same girl, beautiful before and after.  Her face just looks more sculpted and, well, smaller after using the concealer.  Please note that I am not saying that smaller or thinner is better.  I am saying, that there are many women who would like to be able to conceal certain attributes of their faces for whatever reason.  I'm just showing you how.  There are so many things we can do with concealers and so many tricks to share!

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Have a beautiful day beautiful!!

Pink Ink