Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pink Ink + Santa = A Happy You

We love the holidays.  It seems to bring out the best in people.  At least we like to think so.  People are in the giving mood and everyone seems to light up when they are able to put a smile on someone's face.  So of course, why wouldn't the ladies of Pink Ink like to do the same??!!! 
What shall we give away first?  What would you like to get?  Hmmmmm..... 
Well, we have a couple of gifts already wrapped just waiting to be given to you. 
Your Special Pink Ink Gift!

Is it not pretty?!!!!
To win the secret gifts, you just have to share the gift pic that is on our facebook page ( and/or retweet the gift pic on twitter which is found on our twitter homepage ( 
However, because we are in the giving mood, provide us with ideas!  Leave a comment below with a wish list of what you would like the ladies of Pink Ink to provide for you this holiday season.  It could be some makeup tips!  It could be some styling tips!  It could be a special deal for an upcoming workshop hosted by Pink Ink and Mompreneurs!  Or it could be a full makeover!!!!  Who knows, we shall see BUT everyone who makes a comment below gets their name into the fish bowl and the draw will be held on December 23rd with the facebook and twitter contest draws. 
Don't you just LOVE the holidays??!!
You are special, you are unique and you are fierce.  Enjoy this season and make it memorable for yourself and the ones around you.  We will be honored to share a little part of this season with you.  Contact us today! 

Yours in Beauty,
The Pink Ink Divas