Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The ABC's of Alphabet Creams

Have you been at a cosmetics counter lately and felt completely overwhelmed with all of the options when it comes to foundations. Within the last two years, the cosmetics industry introduced the alphabet formulations – BB cream, CC cream and DD creams. We have had a few fans ask us what the differences between them are, what the benefits are of each cream and which are best for them.  We hope this blog will clarify things for you.  The Alphabet creams are essentially foundations combined with tinted moisturizers to achieve skin perfecting choices.
Let’s start with the basics, tinted moisturizer – The name explains what it is, moisturizer with a bit of tint. There is a bit of colour but mostly you get the benefit of moisturizer since the colour is usually pretty sheer.
BB Creams – Short form for beauty balm or blemish balm. These creams are lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers and provides a better coverage than tinted moisturizer.  BB creams can smooth the skin, contain anti-aging elements, even out your skin tone, moisturize and have a light – reflecting component that gives your skin a dewy, luminous look! If the bb cream you use does not have SPF, please remember to use at least an SPF of 35. BB creams can also be used as a primer, moisturizer and foundation. The BB cream provides the least amount of coverage of all the alphabet creams, but is perfect for day to day use. Pink Ink will be launching a makeup line in 2014 and it will include a BB cream, here is a sneak peak.
CC Creams – CC generally stands for colour correcting or complexion corrector and the products are more specific for issues like redness, acne, dark spots or sallowness. CC creams are packed with vitamins C and E and are similar to BB creams, but focuses on colour correction. Since CC cream is a colour corrector, it will be lighter on the skin than a BB cream.

DD Creams – Daily Defense is what you will find with the DD creams. Essentially the DD cream is a BB and CC hybrid, they are a super cream. They combine the power and benefits of both BB and CC creams. However, their primary focus is anti-aging. The anti-aging speciality of the cream works to diminish wrinkles and fine lines throughout use. Additionally, DD cream will balance skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin. Marcelle makes a great DD cream, you can find here
Please let us know if this article helped clarify the confusion with the alphabet creams. If you are still unsure of which cream is best for you, please be sure to contact us and we will happy to answer your questions.
As always, yours in beauty,
The Pink Ink ladies