Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Holiday Party Attire

Holiday parties are rampant this time of year, whether it’s the office party, a corporate event or a night out
Jen & Rita
 after work.  So, trying to determine what to wear can be stressful.  There are so many options to choose from; casual dress, semi-formal, formal or somewhere in between. Although it is exciting to purchase a new outfit specifically for the party, it is not always necessary. Pairing a simple dress with fashionable shoes, accessories, hair and makeup can make a very dramatic statement.  
Jessie - Face of Pink Ink

The trend this year is the “understated” outfit with complimentary accent pieces. Being fashion forward can also be achieved by choosing a glamorous makeup look.  This is an opportunity to try that dramatic makeup look with a red lipstick. Lighting at holiday parties is more likely darker than usual, in which you can make a statement with your makeup look, try that smokey eye that you have always wanted to try. This is the appropriate time to do it and you will look fabulous. Add a little bit of bling or glitter, have fun with it and remember to take pictures to send us.

A black dress with accessories as seen below can solidify your image!

Let us know what you like to wear during this holiday season, we love to hear from you.

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Yours in image and beauty,

The Pink Ink ladies