Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The GQ Man

When you are a woman and you want to go online to see what's out there in the world of fashion, all you have to do is type "ladies fash..." and a BUNCH of sites come up. There is no way a woman could ever go to all of the sites that are dedicated to making her look beautiful. Guys - Thank God for the metrosexual because fashion has exploded for you over the last decade. However, the other day I asked a male friend, "Where do you go to learn how to dress yourself?" He said he will read GQ magazine or he will look up some famous people and see how they dress. Fair enough. So, because we love you guys, we decided we were going to dedicate some time to you. The GQ man. The guy that wants to look good, polished, and well put together whether in a suit or not. AND we will give you the same care we give the ladies and take a look at your body shape. Yes, it matters.

Guys, I will apologize to you on behalf of society. See, I went to do some research on your body types. Well, let's say I was surprised that the wonderful fruity terms and geometrical shapes that they have for us ladies turned into scientific experimental terminology for the guys. For example:

And check out the pics they use to show off the types ladies. Really? How many guys ACTUALLY look like this?

My sentiments exactly when I read these terms

Had to add it because this was funny.

More realistic

So guys, I know most of you like when we get to the point, but you did come visit a woman's blog. But I will get to the point: outfits for your bodyshape. Before we start I will say that the goal for the male visual illusion is broad shoulders, narrow waist, and well developed calves. Apparently this is what is considered to be ideal and attractive. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just sayin! So anyway, let's get started and here you go. Enjoy!!

This style will look great on all the male body types. Men, you have to ensure you get your pants hemmed and fitted to your comfort level. If you have a beer belly, the vest can help to provide an illusion of it being less big than it may be but do not get a vest that is tight. Get one that is fitted. That means it comfortably will button up at the front without the risk of a button popping off and hitting someone in the eye. Also, you can choose to NOT tuck in the shirt if you are bigger around the middle.

Another great look for all of the male body shapes. Dark jeans are nice because they can be dressed up or dressed down. Your sweater, again, choose one that is fitted - not tight. For those of you with defined pectorals, save it for the bedroom. No one wants to see them. A little illusion of what may be under your shirt is A-OK

These styles of sweater are good for men who would be considered mesomorph and ectomorph. It draws the eye up and away from the midsection. The endomorph may look a bit wide in this style, however, it would depend on what your midsection looks like. If it is fairly lean, go for a scoop neck or a v-neck sweater which will draw less attention to your broad shoulders.

Sorry, guys.  He just looked yummy. Big guys look sweet in a blazer too.

This sweater draws the eye up. If you are heavier around the middle, ensure that your sweater is long enough to cover the mid section. If your shoulders are already broad, again, go for a sweater that has a scoop or v-neck.

A great look for the guy who wants the professionalism of a suit without the formality of the suit.  

Jeans and a turtleneck are a classic combination. Great look for the fall and winter seasons. Add a trench to complete the look.

The skinny pant/cigarette pant has made a huge comeback for men. Popular in the 60s, it has become the rage. Looks great on the ectomorph male. Straight leg is recommended for the other body types.

Jeans and a blazer. Very nice look. Depending on your comfort level you can roll up the jean. It's trendy, but personally, I don't love the jean rolled up unless you're my 6 and 8 yr old. Just sayin.

Notice how the blazer dresses up the look. It's great for grabbing a coffee, going to a meeting or a casual day at work.

Wearing the shirt on the outside is A-OK. It does send a more casual look so if you want to be more formal or dressed up, tuck it in, grab a belt and add a blazer/suit jacket.

Ladies, if you're reading this in hopes to help your man or a friend with their sense of style we hope this has helped you. With the holidays coming up why not choose the look you want, purchase it and wrap it up for him to open under the tree.

Guys, how you present yourself speaks a lot about you. Don't think you get a pass for sloppy - lol. A well put together man is a man that I would want to do business with - he takes care of the details. That is important.

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