Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Little Black Dress

I was out the other evening looking for winter boots for my kids (I know, I'm one of those moms who waits until the first snowfall to get the boots) and I overheard a lady and her daughter talking. They had just been out and they bought a little black dress for an event the daughter was going to. It was simple, short sleeved, fitted - cute. The typical little black dress - could likely be worn several times over. She wanted to give it a pop and so she opted for a red shoe (a girl after my heart). The outfit was rockin! So, this little encounter got me thinking about the blog we did last summer on the versatility of the little black dress. I thought that I should probably share my knowledge of dressing up the little black dress as many of you are likely going to be wearing this must have piece of clothing and we, at Pink Ink (Daily Glam), want you to look smokin!  Just a side note - the Pink Ink ladies are the stylists for Daily Glam so there is some cross over - just in case you were wondering.  So, here are our top tips to glam up your little black dress. (I'm going to use one dress for each of these tips so you can see the versatility I'm talking about).

5.  SHOES & PURSE - now although the two do not have to match, they do have to attract the eye. Why? Because the little black dress is rarely ever the centre piece of the outfit, it's the accessories baby! Here are some ideas.

Notice that you can interchange the purse and shoes in a few of these. For example, the black shoes can be worn with all purses. The red shoes can go with the gold purse (even the blue if you are really daring and depending on your jewelry. You get the gist.

4.  ACCESSORIES - This is going to make or break that little black dress. The right jewelry can make a simple frock into a gorgeous, head turning style. 

3.  Coat/Shawl - Ever see a woman walk in the room and the coat or shawl she was wearing just had you staring? I have. And I almost always go up to her and say "LOVE the coat/shawl." For those of you in business, it's a great way to start up a conversation. 

Either of these coats will look hot as you go out on the town in your little black dress!

Red gives you the POP of colour and the white gives you the timeless classic look - black and white. Beauty.

Eyes WILL turn with this cute little coat. Oohlala!

Now tell me you wouldn't ask a woman where she got her coat if you saw her walk in the room in one of these babies. Nuff said.

2. Makeup - most women are able to pull off the smoky eye. Looks PHENOMENAL with the little black dress. You know me - I love a pop of colour. Red lipstick is IN. Find the right shade of red that looks good with your skin tone (a blog post to come) and wear that red! Oops, let me clarify something for you ladies, if you are going to do the smoky eye you may want to opt for a toned down lip. If you are going to go red on the lip, then do a less dramatic eye. There are women who can pull off both the dramatic eye and strong lip, but more often than not it leaves the eyes and lips competing with one another.

1.  Let's check out the look when we put it all together shall we?

That little black dress is a must have for all of us ladies. You can do so much!!! Please take a pic and send us how you put your little black dress outfit together! Send to or

Pink Ink & The Daily Glam Team