Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Red Carpet Styles

So in the midst of all of the Face of Pink Ink hype we have some other stuff going on like... hmm, let me see, A RED CARPET GALA!!!!!  Yes, in the midst of all the hoopla in searching and finding the perfect three to represent our company (very hard choice by the way), we are also planning a gala event with one of last year's FOPI winners, the one and only, Sara Clarke (owner of the London Mompreneurs).  

A question that many are asking is "What do I wear?"  A comment that we frequently hear "I don't do dresses".  Well, I figure we will incorporate something for everyone here.  Some gala dresses, the little black dress and the dressed up black pant.  Yes, you CAN wear pants to the Red Carpet Affair as long as you what?  ACCESSORIZE!!!  Let's begin with the traditional glam.

Little Black Dress
 The Little Black Dress can bring you to the office and out to the gala if you accessorize and change up your makeup!

Ok, now let's go for some untraditional glam.  The dress pant at a gala event.  We see this more and more these days and let me tell you, the ladies who rock a pant outfit at a gala are uber confident and look simply AMAZING!!! I mean, you would have to if you are going to break the mold - lol.  Seriously though, the key to looking glam in dress pants is dressing it up with bling, killer shoes and a rockin makeup look.  The bling could be sequins on the top or in your jewelry.  Also, sheer anything on top will dress up any outfit!!  Check it out.

As for the bling!  You leave that to us.  
Remember, the first fifty ladies to walk through the doors at Ladies Night Out - A Red Carpet Affair will be jeweled for the evening by a special guest with Park Lane.  Let's just show you what type of treats we're talking about.

I could go on but... I'd get in trouble.  So, now the question is, how to put it all together.  Don't you worry.  We've got you covered.  We're having a makeup and jewelry night on September 26th and we have scheduled a few nights to try on dresses from Carmina de Young and Juniper!  All prior to the Red Carpet Gala.  AND we have a few other surprises up our sleeves for you ladies.  
Why are we doing this?  We LOVE women!!  
We want to see you in all of your glory and, let's be honest, we needed an excuse to dress up.

Can't wait to see you.  Contact us today!  If you want us to contact you with details on the Red Carpet Event or the mini-events leading up to the MAIN event, leave us a message below or on facebook.  
We will get back to you within 48hrs!