Monday, 15 September 2014

The 2014-2015 Faces of Pink Ink

What a whirlwind of a summer.  We had a fantastic time with FOUR Face of Pink Ink photoshoots this year.  We have to thank all of you for helping to choose the three women who will represent Pink Ink as well as our sponsors for helping to provide the ladies with an experience they will not soon forget.  We are so excited for them AND for us.  We have a social worker, teacher and business entrepreneur!  They are diverse, beautiful and we are honored to have them.  They will each be featured on our blog in the month of November.  However, we're going to share their pic and their definition of beauty with you right here.  
Thank you to our judges - Denise Pelley, Michelle De Corneille Sullivan and Carmina de Young our guest judges for helping make this difficult decision.  
Denise Pelley
Michelle De Corneille Sullivan

Carmina de Young

As well, we thank our 2013-2014 Faces of Pink Ink for helping to make this decision - your input was phenomenal!  

So, the Pink Ink family grew by three last night.  
Welcome Shaunacey, Mary-Ann and Kathleen!!  
It's going to be a 

Kathleen Mundy

When I think of beauty I think of the glow from confidence.  As women, we often shame ourselves into believing we aren't good enough or tall enough or pretty enough or young enough...but what I've learned in my 63 years is that when we have confidence we are all of these things and more.  Confidence, no matter the source, can help us walk taller, speak first when meeting people and take the first step into a world of future possibilities.  I gain confidence from all things feminine, not frilly.  I love beautiful make-up, shiny hair, a crisp white blouse and a great pair of stilettos.  These outward traits of societal beauty help us blossom to the point of seeing the true beauty of a soft smile, a kind word or a helping hand.  Beauty is knowing you are loved and honored for what you give to the world.  True beauty is the gift of experiencing joy as we pay it forward to the next heart.
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Mary-Ann Fougere
 Beauty is not just the outside, but the inside.  Being kind, generous, friendly and a good person makes you a beautiful person.  I believe when your inner beauty is in place, you exude outer beauty.

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Shaunacey Bonneville
I have struggled with confidence because I mistakenly associated beauty with looking a certain way.  I finally became more confident when I started to realize we all have the capacity to be truly beautiful and appearance has little to do with it.  It’s about knowing, accepting and loving yourself.  It’s about being brave, confident and standing up for what you believe in.  It’s being able to laugh, even in the hard times.  The most beautiful people I know not only love themselves, but truly care about others and work very hard to fight against injustice and oppression and do it all with a genuine smile on their face.

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Last year's winners


Beauty is what you want to make it. 
Beauty is an opportunity to feel strong, confident and radiant

Beauty is held within the individual. If I look great or amazing on the outside it compliments my beauty within and I feel amazing and empowered. To me beauty = empowerment!


Beauty means loving the inner you

Announcements for next year's FOPI contest will be coming in the next few weeks.  
Will you be the 2015-2016 Face of Pink Ink?