Thursday, 10 July 2014

Welcome to the Face of Pink Ink - Kathleen Lazar and Nerium!

Have you heard of Nerium?

I have, in whispers and gossip from friends around my neighbourhood.

It isn't a household name in Canada just yet - but if the rumours about it spread this fast, you can be sure the product will be in HUGE demand!

Kathleen Lazar has joined the sponsor team for the Face of Pink Ink 2014 - and rightly so - her product, Nerium, does an AMAZING makeover all by itself!

Check these out:

Nerium is brand new to Canada and just went country wide July 1. Nerium Optimera is gluten, paraben, mineral oil, fragrance free, organic, cruelty free and based with botanicals. We have the largest archive of personal before and after photos, based on real science and real results. Our cream addresses fine lines and wrinkles, tightens, discolouration and pore size. Our founder Jeff Olson is google proof and featured in Forbes magazine and Wall St Journal. Results from Nerium are seen in as little as 2 weeks and full results in 90 days. Personal before and after photos are our selling feature as your own photos don't lie. We are the fastest growing direct sales company ever in the US, and the fastest growing skin care line ever in the US...and now we're going global! Joining the company now means that you will be part of the first 1% of this company! Nerium has made almost half a billion dollars in 3 years.

Thank you Kathleen for sponsoring The Face of Pink Ink 2014, and a special thank you for bringing this amazing product line to our area!

Check out Kathleen's website for more information on the effects of Nerium and/or check out her Facebook page to see more before & afters!