Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Face of Pink Ink Thanks WIBusiness

When you have a vision that looks way out there and then you tell other people about it and they believe in the vision so much that they are willing to put countless hours of their own time into it to make it a success - you are beyond fortunate, you are incredibly blessed.  Pink Ink is so incredibly blessed to have Sherry Simoes and Jackie Geeves from WIBusiness on the Face of Pink Ink Team and thank you just does not seem like enough to cover our gratitude.  Pink Ink's vision is to make every woman we come into contact with feel like the powerful, intelligent and beautiful woman that they are through knowledge, encouragement and a little lipstick.  The FOPI contest was created to make women feel like queens!  Our goals and mission coincide with the mission of WIBusiness which is to support women entrepreneurs to incredible success!


Who is WIBusiness?  They are a team of three that provide support to women entrepreneurs to grow a successful business through self-growth, leadership & marketing coaching, workshops, programs, tools, and resources. In fact, the three women who win the Face of Pink Ink contest this year will be receiving a Personal Growth & Empowerment Package with WIBusiness AND their Marketing Magic Program!  Do you know what this is worth?  This package will help all women move further in their personal, business and social lives.  Love it!!

Melanie Shiell, Sherry Lynn Simoes and Jackie Geeves
Melanie, Sherry, Jackie
The power team of Sherry, Jackie and Melanie will help you succeed in all areas of your business/occupation whether you are just starting out or well into your career, WIBusiness is here to help you succeed.  They are always taking memberships and have three levels to choose from - Free, Entrepreneur and Executive.  Go to their website: to check out their many services.  On top of their many talents, they are the kindest and most generous ladies you will ever meet.

London is fortunate to have the WIBusiness team as part of the community.  The contestants and winners of this contest are fortunate to have you part of the FOPI team.  Pink Ink is privileged, fortunate, blessed, and so incredibly happy to have you part of the FOPI team.  Thank you WIBusiness.  You are AWESOME!!!

Jen & Rita - Pink Ink Divas