Friday, 11 July 2014

The Face of Pink Ink 2014 welcomes Jane Collins - aka "The Bra Lady"!

Jane is the queen of taming the ta-ta's and believe me, it makes a difference!

Underwires can damage the delicate tissues around the breast - there are alternatives that are equally as supportive, flattering and comfortable without the damage.

Did you know that your breast size is not universal across all bra lines?  You might be a 36C in one brand, but a 40F in another - fittings in mall stores are just that - a fitting for that store.

Even if you don't need a good-quality custom fit bra, it is more than worth your time to contact Jane for an appointment for a proper fitting.  She will be able to give you pointers on sizing and manipulating breast tissue so that you can avoid those embarrassing armpit boobs, or worse yet - the back breasts!

As a more than satisfied customer - I can't speak highly enough of Jane's expertise, professionalism, selection and warm hands. lol

Contact Jane today to learn more!

Thank you Jane for supporting the Face of Pink Ink 2014 and women everywhere!



Contact Jane here.