Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Face of Pink Ink Thanks Shelly Shepherd

You know those people who are super talented, super nice and super accommodating?  You know the people who get things done and do not complain?  The ones who work behind the scenes and never get recognized because they are not in the limelight?  Let me introduce you to someone who is a marketing genius, smart as a whip and a phenomenal person just to be around.  Drumroll please…..

Shelly Shepherd -

Shelly is a mother, a wife, a phenomenal marketer, brilliant blogger and most importantly just a terrific person.  She has been creating all of the blogs for the sponsors and judges for The Face of Pink Ink contest.  She also does the marketing for Pink Ink while still managing her own blog (which is fantastic by the way - go visit now - and the other million things that she does.  She's been recognized for her blogs by some big names - you might have heard of them - Women's Day Magazine. To top it off, she could even become a radio personality.  In case you missed it, Shelly was on the radio, 94.9FM with DJ Black Dynamite and she was a complete natural!

Now, in case you have not been to Shelly’s blog, perhaps you should.  She has blog posts about EVERYTHING!  She is able to take an old piece of furniture that you and I would likely ditch and she is able to turn it into a beautiful piece that you and I would want in our homes!  Here's an example:



Shelly has posts on how to entertain children with a cardboard box (I’m talking entertain for hours – which parent could not appreciate that?).  There are posts on fashion and style, delicious desserts and even posts on how to keep organized using items you likely already have in your home.  She truly has over 100 things you can do!  Make sure to join the thousands from all over the world that visit her blog daily to see what golden nuggets she has to share.

Shelly Shepherd –

We love you Shelly and THANK YOU for all you do for the whole team at FOPI.  You have a very special place in the hearts of Pink Ink now and always.  

Jen & Rita (Pink Ink Divas)