Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shopping Under the Stars

{This blog post was written by Shelly of 100Things2Do and is being released simultaneously on both blogs}

Do you love the title of this?
Shopping… stars... - sounds fantastic right?

I'm sharing this

1. because Lynn is a friend and sponsor of The Face of Pink Ink 2014, but more importantly
2. because it's a one-stop-shop for all of your MLM items.

I find that there are always one or two little things that I want.  An Seacret cream, a bra fitting, an ENJO cloth, some Pink Ink cosmetics - but I really don't want to host another party and oblige my friends to come over and spend money one company at a time.

What Lynn has done is create one giant party with all of the vendors represented, so that you can just go from booth to booth and buy those one-off items like you would at a mall.


No pressure to buy, no pressure to host, no pressure to join.

All you have to do is show up, enjoy the food, the music, maybe win some door prizes and check everything out.

Like a farmer's market…  but BETTER!

Shopping Under the Stars Facebook page  
If you are in London or surrounding area - come on out and enjoy a free frozen yogurt from Chil, the music from The Golden Harps Steel Orchestra and check out the booths/tables of each of these vendors:
  • ENJO 
  • Joan's Steeped Tea
  • Lisa's Jockey Person to Person - who will have their fall line available as well as 75% off of select summer fashions
  • Silpada - Sterling Silver Inspirations from Sandy
  • The Pampered Chef with Susan Czypyha
  • Seacret Agent Alanna Riley
  • Mary Kay with Ellen Whiting
  • Scentsy with Amanda Hill
  • Epicure with Theresa Walsh
  • doTERRA with Hayley Marie
  • Unique Accessories with Alcina Stoetzer
  • Posh Pedicure Lounge will be doing mini-mani's and pedi's (you'll need to book ahead)
  • Pink Ink with Rita Perepelitsky and Jennifer Ansine-Slay
  • Friendly Fare Wellness & Nutrition with Jennifer Caldwell
  • The Thank You Company with Keri Hanlon
  • The Bra Lady with Jane Collins

  • Kamini Le Capelain from Silent Poetry Photography will be on location again this year photographing the event and will share her photos following the event.
  • The Coates of Arms Restaurant and Pub will also be on site serving some delicious pub food for anyone that would like to purchase some food as well and eat dinner at the event.

Admission is FREE, so come on out (and bring a friend) for some entertainment, fun and shopping!

All proceeds from the Shopping Under the Stars event will be donated to Autism Dog Services!

 Have a great one!