Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Rita & Jen - Pink Ink
Wow!  A small word with huge impact.  Wow!  The London community really came out and showed their support on November 16th for an unknown group of four women who had a vision, set a goal and executed.  Wow!  Thank you.  Now, there is a funny thing about goals.  Once you accomplish them, you be happy with what you accomplished, learn from it and set a bigger goal.  So, let's analyze this for a bit - indulge me - lol.  Because Pink Ink was just part of a big production we're going to use the Youth on Fire event as our reference.  This event was a variety show concert featuring a number of youth all coming together to raise money for the London Anti-bullying Coalition.  So here we go.
  Essentially, after accomplishing a goal we have three choices - 1.  be happy with what you accomplished and relax, 2.  do nothing; 3. Be happy with what you accomplished, learn from it and set a bigger goal.
Kamini - Silent Poetry
1.  Be happy with what you accomplished and relax:  This is an ok option. We were able to generate community involvement.  We were able to provide a medium by which more awareness has come and will continue to come to the London Anti-bullying Coalition.  We were able to raise some funds for the LABC.  We had 200 people at our first event!!!!!!!   For the city of London these accomplishments are HUGE.  So, can we relax and just be happy?  We could and we could forever reflect on how in 2013 Pink Ink was part of an event that helped to change lives. Woohoo!  If you know us, then you know this is not the option we are choosing.

2.  Do nothing.  Really?  If we are truly in business, WE ALWAYS have to reflect on what we have done. 
Yvette - Flying Unlimited
Whether it is a trade show, a networking event, a production, or even just a one on one with a client - we ALWAYS -  have to reflect.  It is of uttermost importance to ensure that your activities are generating or leading to generate profits, awareness, or growth in your business/life.  So doing nothing is really not an option either.

3.  Be happy with what you accomplished, learn from it and set a bigger goal:  Now this is where Pink Ink falls!  We are incredibly happy with how things turned out for the Youth on Fire event last weekend, BUT we still need to reflect or debrief.  We learned many, many things and we have to take those lessons and apply them to next year's event which for us will be bigger and better.  Pink Ink's charity of choice for 2014 is Single Women in Motherhood (S.W.I.M).  Keep an eye out for how you can be a part of it and support the cause.

Now, it would not be us if we did not bring this back to image and branding yourself.  Did you know that
people who set goals live a longer and happier life?  Did you know that when you take the eyes off of yourself and try to help someone else, you really end up helping yourself?  You are happier, you smile more and smiling more makes you more inviting to your customers/clients.  When your business is going well, you have more energy and get excited about your next steps.    When you are excited about what you do then you stand up straighter, you put more effort into your appearance and you attract what you give out - energetic, uplifting, and forward thinking women/clients.  So follow these steps in everything you do:

   Set a goal 
Set a new goal  

Pink Ink Divas

If you believe you can do it, then you can.  You are who you say you are.  Believe in yourself.
We believe in you and are here to help you in whatever goal you set for yourself.  So go out there and be fierce and be bold!!!!  Want some guidance, support or an ear to listen call us and allow us the pleasure of serving you! xxoxoo