Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Does Makeup Really Matter?

How often have you heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  Or outer beauty is superficial and it is what is on the inside that counts etc, etc, etc…  I’m here to tell you that even though the inner self is extremely important and vital to a thriving business and a thriving you – when you are in business and have to present yourself to sell a product – makeup DEFINITELY matters.  It is important to sell yourself before you can sell a product.  Do you have to be made up like J-lo or Kim Kardashian?  No.  But you do have to look like you put in some effort. 
Let me ask you something.  Why should I give you my hard earned money or even my valuable time if you have not taken the time to put yourself together?  If you are not going to invest in yourself, why should you expect anyone else to invest in you?

Check out some of the pics published on this blog entry.  All of these women are beautiful without makeup.  But which image are you drawn to?  The before or the after?  Which image do you want representing you?  The before or after?  Which image do you want to do business with?  The before or the after?

Does investing in yourself have to cost a lot of money?  No, it doesn’t have to.  For those of us who are on a budget there are some very good makeup products out there that are very wallet friendly.  Contact us and we will provide you with recommendations!

So, what are the must-haves that should be in every women’s makeup drawer to help bring out the image you want to portray?  Here are some of Pink Ink's favorites:
1.  Mascara – WE LOVE the Ultimate mascara from Mary Kay as well as the latest mascara - a long story mascara - from Arbonne.  They are ‘DA BOMB’!  
2.  Foundation – There are a number of great foundations out there – liquid, crème to powder, mousse and mineral powder.  Depending on the type of coverage you want will determine the type that’s best for you.  WE LOVE liquid.  Pink Ink has a hi-def brand of foundation that's to die for!  Mary Kay has amazing creme to powder foundations.  MAC's foundation is pretty good but a bit heavy.  Hint - get the MAC Select Cover Up and mix with Strobe Moisturizer - perfect blend of moisturization and coverage.  Please remember that whatever foundation you choose, make sure to match it to your skin color.  If it disappears - it is the right one! Call us, we will help!
3.  Gloss – a bit of color on the lips is always a great enhancer for the face.  Do you want long lasting coverage and the perfect hint of color?  Check out MAC, Pink Ink and Alouette  - they have some great choices.  

4.  Blush/Bronzer – We think blush makes the face come alive. Arbonne, Mary Kay, Pink Ink and MAC have some great blush choices.  To tell the truth, we have yet to meet a blush we did not like.

Depending on your budget will depend on what you invest in, however, be sure to make the investment. 

As you can tell, we are strong supporters of cosmetic companies sold by women like you and me.  The Direct Marketing companies like Seacret, Aloette, Mary Kay and Arbonne have some great color cosmetics as well as skin care.    We recommend them so that we can support small business in our community.  You will see that this blog has a number of highlighted words.  All of the words are linked to a small business primarily in London and area but also as far west as Alberta!!  It's Small Business month so go out and find your local Direct Sales Consultant that can help you find the perfect colors and skin care.  If you need help finding someone, let us know, we will link you up (no pun intended)!

 Pink Ink is here to teach you and guide you to help you put your best foot forward always.  Contact us today so that we can show you how to apply your makeup like a pro!  Remember, Image is your Brand.

Contact us via Skype at pinkinkbrand for a face to face consult!