Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Is size 2 really for you?

Ok, so I know that this blog entry is not going to change the idea that smaller is better which has, unfortunately, been hammered in the heads of women and men for decades.  But honestly, if after reading this blog entry one person improves their thoughts of their self image, then we, at Pink Ink, are good with that.  The Pink Ink associates pride themselves on helping ladies find their inner beauty and bring it out through their makeup and fashion choices.  Our job gets a little harder when women insist on keeping clothes that just are not their size!
Look, whether you are a man or a woman, if your clothes are too tight you look like an over stuffed sausage skin.  Sorry, but it’s true!  Here are some statements to think about:
1.  When I sit down, I’m afraid I may split my skirt or pants
2.  When I walk in my pants, every imprint can be seen (yes, you know what I’m         
      talking about)
3.  My arms get numb because the circulation is cut off from my short sleeves  
4.  Every roll on my body (we all have them ladies – it’s ok) can be seen through my shirt.
5.   I have to become a contortionist or use hangers to do up my clothing THEN I cannot walk when my pants/skirt/dress is zipped up to the top

If you could relate and respond with a "yep, that's me" to one or more of the above statements, call us – we will gladly meet with you in person or via skype.  We’re here to help you!!  Having clothes in your closet that fit and flatter your body is the key – not the low number on the clothing.  Trust us, We've made fashion faux pas in the past because we did not have the heart to throw out our favorite top or skirt, but you know what?  You have one chance to make a first impression.  People make up their minds about you within 30 seconds of meeting you – don’t get mad at us, we did not make up the rules.  We are just the messengers and we care about you enough to want you to put your best foot forward all of the time!  So what do you do next?  First - embrace who you are because there is only one you and you are magnificent.  Second, call Pink Ink and allow us to help you show off the best you!!  Remember, if size 2 is not you that's ok!  We are all fabulous despite the number on the tag of our clothing!

Yours in Beauty,

Jen & Rita
Pink Ink