Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Long hair = Beauty. Hmmmm, Really?

Ok Pink Ink fans and the rest of the World, I have a question for you.    Why do so many people love women with long hair?  For anyone who knows me, you will know that I LOVE to change my look – almost daily.  How you ask?  I change my hair – sometimes I will have my natural fro, a ponytail, twists, or wear a wig.  I love the versatility we as women have with our hair!
  But I have to say, the look that gets the most talk and stares are the looks with the long hair!  Let me tell you a story.  One morning I went for a walk – nothing new – and I wore a new wig that is long and silky and has loose curls.  The ten minutes it took me to walk to my chiropractor I got a honk from a driver, a whistle and a number of stares - all before 9am.  A fluke you say?  Well anytime I wear wigs with long hair I get compliments.  It can be long and silky or long and curly.  It can be in a ponytail and long or it can be frizzy and long - the constant - length!  What's up with that?
“Oh Jen, it’s just you.  Maybe you just look better with long hair”.  Well I’d agree with you IF it was just me.    As a child, I observed quickly that many Jamaicans (my parent’s generation) equated long hair with beauty as demonstrated by the many aunts, uncles and friends who would constantly comment on my long, thick hair and have very few comments for my friend who had short hair.   Most of the magazine covers I see in the line at the grocery store have models or actresses with long hair.  The media today portrays long luscious hair with beauty and health.  Don't believe me?  Just check out all the Revlon, L’Oreal, and Garnier commercials!  How many of them have ladies with short hair?  I’m not saying they don’t have any, I’m just saying I haven’t seen any.
No worries, I won’t be getting a complex anytime soon.  I love my hair – all the different ways that I wear it – long, short, silky and frizzy.  I even love the hair that I have that I didn't grow!!  Thank you to my ladies making a buck off of selling their long hair.  It's all good!  I’m confident enough in myself to be alright with whatever hairstyle I want to sport on any particular day.  However, I’m just intrigued with the belief that long = beauty.  Hmmmmm? What do you think?

Keep in mind that I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation.   I know ladies who would rather cut off an arm before they cut their hair and that’s ok.  But I want to send a shout out to all my girls with short hair – be fierce, be beautiful, be you!!!

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink