Thursday, 12 September 2013

Welcome Pink Ink Fans New and Old!!

We at Pink Ink are always trying to stay current with new trends in the makeup and fashion industry.  Why you ask?  So that we can bring you the tips and tricks to staying current in an effort to help you always put your best foot forward.  We are passionate about helping women of all ages feel great about themselves.  Does this mean wearing a lot of makeup and wearing only brand name clothing?  Of course not!!  However, it is important to make the best first impression that you can make because really, you only have one opportunity to make that first impression.  We do, however,  also understand that you have to be true to you.  This is why we pride ourselves on being true to ourselves, our dreams and to you – our loyal fans.  You can be sure that we will always be honest with you during our skin care consultations, makeup sessions or styling consults.  We are here to serve you and help you look your very best. 

Follow us weekly as we bring you new makeup and styling tips or a simple observation that we have had that week!  Check out our pages and the amazing looks we have had the opportunity to create with some of London’s most talented photographers, fashion designers and models. 

Leave comments – we would love to hear from you!  We promise to do our very best to reply to you within 48 hours of receiving your message.

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink

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