Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winterize your wardrobe! Easy Peasy!

So how do you "winterize" an outfit?  Really it just comes down to layering.  Add a cardigan to a short sleeved top or leggings and/or tall boots to a shorter dress.  Winterizing is not that hard but there are a few occasions where winterizing can go wrong - if you don't know what you are doing.  No worries, the Daily Glam team is here to dismiss the myths and offer advice. 

1.  Shorts in -30 below weather seems odd.  Although it can be trendy to add tights to shorts it doesn't seem like it would be fashionable when the weather outside is severely cold.  This look could be pulled off in the fall and early spring no problem but should it be left there?  

This look is soooooo cute.  Could totally be worn in the fall and in the spring.  However, for those of us who reside in Canada and the Northern USA - wearing this outfit in January or February may seem crazy but look at the outfit below:

Kind of cute right?  

2.  The Summer Dress - dresses can be winterized -  no doubt about it, but there are some materials and styles where it just needs to be saved for the warmer seasons i.e. silk or rayon, sleeveless or certain maxi styles.  HOWEVER, you CAN wear these materials as a top with a thicker pant and layered with a cardigan.  
The colour and style are best for the warmer seasons.  This is a non-winterizable dress.

Believe it or not this can be winterized.  Add leggings, boots and a cable knit cardigan - BOOM - a successful winterized dress.  It helps that the dress has 3/4 length sleeves, the color can be worn any season and it's short enough to be a top.

3.  Sandals/Open toed shoes - I know we love our open toed shoes but really, we need to save them for the spring, summer and early fall.  Or do we?  By now you can tell that anything can be fashionable if accessorized properly.  Sandals - maybe not, but open toed shoes?  Why not?  Add a pair of tights (in style now) and you can rock the open toed shoe all year round.  We also have our shoe-booties - they are quite fashionable.  Word to the wise - be practical if sporting this style.  If the snow is 5 feet tall, wear boots - WITH CLOSED TOES!

To be totally honest with you, if you were to rock any of the above styles with ultra confidence you could pull it off.  Just make sure you are comfortable and you like what you are wearing.  Remember, you have one chance to make that great first impression...  Make it count!  
When you are uncomfortable, it shows!  Just because it's trendy doesn't mean you have to wear it - lol.

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