Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Style Icon of the Year - Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been voted and awarded the 2014 Style Icon of the Year for the People's Magazine Awards.  Want to know why?  
Before I tell you, let me show you.

A few reasons why we think Ms. Gwen is a style icon:

1.  Her look is constantly changing.  She dresses as she feels and doesn't stick with one look.  This is important because as women, we all have different moods, and we all have different roles.  
Gwen is a mom, a diva, a business woman, and a fashionista.  In other words, she dresses for the role she plays at that moment.

2.  Ms. Gwen is a rectangle.  Did you notice?  Perhaps not.  She knows how to pose and how to dress to compliment her shape.  We teach you how to do that.

3.  Most importantly, Ms. Gwen is CONFIDENT.  Despite what she wears on her body she rocks a confidence that says "Look at me.  I'm fine, I'm hot, and I'm on fire."  Well, she may not be thinking it but that's what she portrays.

Mama look:  Just because you're dropping your kids off to school or going for a stroll doesn't mean you can't look chic.

Print pant, scoop neck top and funky shoes.  Easy, chic and trendy.

Even Gwen understands the pop of colour!  Jeans, t-shirt, boots and leather jacket with a purse as the accent.

Working:  Most of us do not have Gwen's job so our outfits won't be as glamorous, however, here's some classic looks you may enjoy.

You'll notice that a signature of Gwen's is that she matches her suits from top to bottom.  Those of us who are a bit "lovelier" than Gwen, meaning more shapely - lol - may need to break up the look a bit by leaving the jacket open and wearing a solid cami underneath.  

Diva/Fashionista:  Dress for your shape!!!  The key to pulling off a great evening look is to wear a shaper, walk with poise and rock that outfit!

Like we said before, Gwen is a rectangle so she wears clothing that comes in at the waist tend to be belted.  

Gwen has started her own fashion line, and unlike a lot of celebrities, she hasn't priced her items entirely out of reach.  Check out L.A.M.B. (Love, Angel, Music, Baby), Gwen's line, here.

Soon you will be voted the best dressed amongst your crew.  Take a pic and send to us, we'd love to see your ideas.  

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