Thursday, 4 December 2014

On the Fourth Day of Glitzmas...

Today showcases Day 4 of our FREE Holiday styling series!

12 days of outfits that will see you through formal evenings, cocktail parties, office functions and even family get-togethers... all carefully chosen to accentuate the best in your body shape.

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It's free, it's fabulous and it's sure to get you in the mood and "Glammed up" for the Holidays!

The coat is sold out - boo! 

How many of you were going to spend $1,400 on it 

anyways?  A great alternative is to get a wool or 

cashmere coat and opt for a faux fur scarf.

Voila!  You've got the same look!

This is a sneaky and sophisticated look; great for 

office parties and even a more casual cocktail party.

You will look polished and classy -  Mmmmuah!


Lovely Pears - play up the upper portion of your outfit.  You have the hips, so bring the eye up with some funky jewelry or with a frilly top as shown above.  Depending on the width of your hips, if you don't feel comfortable in a pencil skirt go for the a-line to provide the illusion of smaller hips.  Wow, doesn't it seem like we are always up to magic tricks - lol.  Have fun and be glam!!  xoxo


My Apple beauties, can you see the look we are going for with the pieces we selected for you?  We want you to have that hourglass shape as well so although the top is different (you could wear any of the tops really) it is the skirt that we really want you to be mindful of.  The a-line skirt will provide that balance that we are always striving for while helping to create the illusion of the waistline.  You will want to ensure to wear a bra that is going to lift the chest area because many apples are well endowed and unfortunately, when not wearing the right bra, it can look like your waist and breasts are one in the same (yikes!).  So lift them up, show off that waist line and look fab!

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Happy Holidays!!

The Daily Glam Team & Pink Ink Stylists