Friday, 5 December 2014

On the Fifth Day of Glitzmas...

Today showcases Day 5 of our FREE Holiday styling series!

12 days of outfits that will see you through formal evenings, cocktail parties, office functions and even family get-togethers... all carefully chosen to accentuate the best in your body shape.

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It's free, it's fabulous and it's sure to get you in the mood and "Glammed up" for the Holidays!

Professional!  Classy!  Elegant! Snazzy!  
That simple black dress is so versatile.  
Many of us are timid to wear colour so why not have your accessories be your colour while wearing basic black (a safe go-to).  

The little black dress (LBD)is a MUST HAVE and we really can't stress that enough.  Please visit our post that was created specifically to help you with the LBD during the holidays - it is a must read.

Find the style that is right for you.  As usual we always advise you to wear a shaper and the right bra so that you can have that sleek, elegant look (no lumps and bumps).  

Remember, email us a pic of your look in the LBD.  Please send to  

We would love to see you!  
Be well and stay glammed!

The Daily Glam Team