Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tactful Tuesday

So, I know as a stylist we are supposed to be open minded to versatility in wardrobe pieces but....I just gotta say, sometimes I will see something and ask - What was she thinking?  This gives me an idea.  As of today, Tuesday, September 30th, we are starting TACTFUL TUESDAY.  Which is really a play on words because I will not be using any tact in these posts.

So the rage over the last couple of years has been what was once called the mini-skirt and is now the short skirt.  Let's take a look at some pics and then I'm sure you will agree with me when I  ask - What was she thinking?

If you are going to wear a short skirt then you are taking the risk of the breeze blowing up under it.
At least wear some underwear!!

If I'm getting old then so be it, but really?   (see what I did there?  "but"  hahaha)

Not sure I even have to comment.  Really?  Her friends don't love her or they would have told her.  

Now, these are obviously extremes of what I'm talking about.  All ladies like to feel sexy sometimes, but if wearing a short skirt, don't go higher than mid-thigh.  Leave SOMETHING for the imagination.

A couple of ways to make the short skirt not look so short is to pair them with tights, tall boots and/or a conservative blouse/top.  Let me show you.

Now ladies, a rule of thumb that is generally right - if you have to ask "Is this too short?" - 
then it likely is.  

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The Pink Ink Ladies