Wednesday, 24 September 2014

For those of you who follow Pink Ink you will know that we are involved in a program called Daily Glam!  This program allows you to have us in your home every evening helping you with your wardrobe and makeup choices for the next day.  If you want more info please visit  This posting is borrowed from a post we made last week.

Let's talk makeup!

Makeup colours change with the season just as fashion changes with the season.  
With the fall and winter approaching, deeper and richer lip colours are becoming the craze.  Metallics on the eyes are seen in all the major fashion shows across the globe!  Thick liner has made a comeback!  

Remember what I told you about fashion always coming back in style well, many of the Fall 2014 looks are inspired by the 60s trends!  A few other trends for the season are the long, thick lashes (falsies), thick, dark brows and flawless looking skin with rosy cheeks.  There's so much to look at that we have to break this into two parts.  So part one we will focus on the eyes! 
Let's take a look shall we?

If you take a look at all of these beauties, you will see that the brows are thick, dark and gorgeous, BUT they are shaped.  We don't want any unruly brows!!  Brows frame our faces and they are one of our most important features.  
For a great look you MUST take care of the brows.  

You will also notice that the lashes (especially with the top two photos) are thicker and longer.  A look most women try to achieve with mascara, but unless you naturally have these types of lashes, we are going to need some help.  Falsies or lash extentions are the big thing right now.  

Basically ladies, do not ignore the eyes, they are vitally important to your makeup look.

Ok, so let's get into colour.

link to palette here

link to palette here

link to palette here

Everywhere we look we see shimmer!!  The shimmer always gives the eyes a POP.  However, for those of us who are more mature, shimmer can accentuate the lines around the eyes.  If you are one of the mature ones, combine the shimmer with some matte colours, OR opt for more neutral colours.  Here are some examples.

link to palette here

Remember that thick liner I was telling you about?  It's back and in full effect!  Not only black but blues, purples, greens!  Yes, the more liner the better it would seem.

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