Sunday, 15 June 2014

Welcome to the Face of Pink Ink, Aloette!

Great news!

As the number of contestants for the 2014 Face of Pink Ink contest climb - so too do the number of sponsors supporting this worthy event.

Aloette will be a swag bag sponsor!

This means that the first 100 Contestants in the contest will receive a sample/promotional item from Aloette!

You know how we feel about Aloette - by far our favourite skin care line as evidenced by our trials here.

Combining the most scientifically advanced technology with nature-based ingredients like organize aloe very, Aloette products bring real results you can see and feel.  Through innovative features like refillable magnetic compacts, you not only save money, you help reduce environmental waste.

Three cheers out to Margaret - and ladies - sign up now if you want to sample some of the amazingness that Aloette can offer your skin!