Friday, 13 June 2014

Face of Pink Ink 2014

{This article was written by Shelly of 100Things2Do as a team member and huge fan of this contest.  All opinions expressed are her own}


The Face of Pink Ink contest is now open for applications!  Please visit!!

I'm part of an amazing team of women and men that are promoting this contest/program.

It's something I believe in, particularly having gone through the "Your Image, Your Success" program with the Pink Ink Divas.

This is more than a beauty contest, it's a self-esteem, empowerment and image awareness contest that every woman should have the chance to partake in.

Participants will get their hair professionally styled, make-up professionally done, will be dressed by Jockey P2P stylists, will receive a swag bag of goodies, will be photographed by a professional photographer and will be able to keep one image from the shoot!

There will be a winner in each of three categories;  age 16 - 24, age 25 - 40 and age 41+.  

The prize package for the winners is valued at over $3,000!

All shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religions, demographics welcome - this is an Ontario-wide contest!

Registration is now open and you can sign up here:  Face of Pink Ink 2014.

Register yourself, then nominate your Mom, your sister, your friend, your Grandmother - everyone should have the experience of being a movie star for a day.

For more information go to the Face of Pink Ink website.

There are a limited number of Sponsorship opportunities available, so if you believe in this as much as I do, and would like to have your business associated with such positive messaging for women - please click here NOW.

Thank you to all of the team members:

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