Wednesday, 18 June 2014

ENJO - Supporting a better, cleaner world AND confident, beautiful women!

If providing the world with an alternative to toxic chemicals and needless waste through their revolutionary fibre technology (one ENJO fibre is the equivalent of 100 strands of human hair) that cleans 6 times better than conventional cleaning using JUST WATER wasn't enough...

what about Lynn and ENJO supporting the self-esteem and confidence of women all over Ontario through their sponsorship of the Face of Pink Ink 2014.

ENJO will be supplying the Winners of FOPI 2014 with ENJO product AND Contestants will also receive an ENJO promotional item in their swag bags!

The fibre that is changing the world by saving you time, saving you money, promoting better health and saving the environment will be a key sponsor for the Face of Pink Ink.

While your Contestant application sheet is downloading, check out the ENJO specials going on right now!

Thank you Lynn and thank you ENJO for making our children's world a better place!