Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Diva On A Dollar

{this post was written by Shelly of 100Things2Do.  All opinions expressed are her own}

Ever wondered what "Diva on a Dollar" is really about?

Ever wondered if it was for you?

Ever wondered if it was worth it? (the time, the money, the energy etc)?

Well, Diva went to Collingwood last weekend and transformed the lives of several women in a one-day workshop.  
Guests ranged in age, size, career, family - but they all had one thing in common
they all wanted to learn how to be the 'best them' they could be.

Enter Rita & Jen and a day of learning, laughter and rejuvenation.

The morning started out with a light breakfast and then an impromptu dance party to wake up and let loose.

Each guest was surprised with the most adorable treat box which included a lipstick pen and lip shaped post-it pad.
SO Pink Ink!

The soon-to-be Diva's learned everything from defining their body shape and face shape,

to which hair style would accentuate your features and learning to dress to emphasize what you've got.

This is not a cult initiation, it's our mid-morning break and "groove session" - Thank you Becca for teaching everyone the latest craze in working out!

There were tutorials on how to dress for various events and audiences and guests even did an impromptu shopping session to make sure that what was learned could be replicated at home.

The late afternoon session focused on make-up.
Two looks - professional and glamour - with hands on practice and assistance.

Where else can you get this kind of comprehensive program?
Something that completely shifts your image into overdrive.

I feel confident that every single Diva that completed the program will affirm - that this program is more than worth the time, energy and money.

I'll be back to share the photos of the guests (with their permission of course) - but the ladies at Pink Ink would like to send out a special thank you to their amazing event sponsors:

Keri from Plexus Slim

(Who also made the adorable treat boxes!)

Peggy from ENJO

and Shelley from Zipsessory.

Check back tomorrow to see the amazing results of this amazing program!