Monday, 28 April 2014

Closet 101 - In the beginning...

{This article was authored by guest contributor Shelly of 100Things2Do - all opinions are her own}

In the beginning there was sun and water and a closet of mismatched garments all purchased from online catalogues and in-store mannequins.

There was a woman that couldn't put together a pair of shoes if it wasn't already in the same box…

and then came Pink Ink and their closet makeover program "Closet 101".

Rita and Jen saved this poor woman from herself by teaching her how to mix and match different outfits.

How to coordinate,

How to accessorize…

all from within her own closet.

And the sun shone brighter and the water was sweeter.

Closet 101 is a program where two professional stylists (Rita and Jen) come and do a complete inventory of your wardrobe.

Complete inventory.

Well, maybe not underwear or socks.

They write down every article of clothing you have and provide you with a written inventory.

In doing this, they are also able to fill in the gaps - knowing what you already have is the key to better shopping.
Instead of wasting money on entire outfits, or several pieces that you hope will go with something - Jen and Rita will provide you with direction as to what you need in order to fill those gaps.
What wardrobe must-haves you are missing that would accentuate your existing pieces.

Beyond just an inventory, they teach you how to put different pieces together, offering several options for any one piece of clothing.

They will go through you accessories and help you to put together the finishing touches.

The ladies at Pink Ink will come in and tell you straight out (albeit kindly) what items you need to alter to accentuate your body shape - e.g. the pants above need hemming and to have the legs narrowed.

The above dress could be dressed down with cute sneakers, or taken up a notch with heeled sandals.

You will learn what body-type you have and how to accentuate your best features.  You will also learn what pieces you should look for (and stay away from) when shopping.

Most importantly - they coach you.
One of those "teach a man to fish…" kind of things - so that tomorrow morning you too will be able to go into your closet and come out looking (and more importantly feeling) like a Diva.

Could I have done this on my own?
In my case - definitely not. 

For those of you with a sense of style...
the proof is in the pudding; perhaps you HAVEN'T done it.
No good saying coulda', woulda', shoulda'.

Everyone NEEDS Closet 101.

Everyone should have help from professional stylists. 

Everyone needs to feel this great!

Thank you Pink Ink!  
I can't wait for phase two of the new me!