Saturday, 26 April 2014

Aloette, Enjo & Nucerity

Ok, so we are going to talk about the last three product lines in our Skin Love blog series.  Before we dive right in, here is our disclaimer:

Pink Ink will not endorse one specific product.  We will present the facts as diplomatically as possible and allow you an opportunity to choose which product line works best for you.  We strongly do endorse small business and therefore we would hope that you would check out one of the representatives from the product lines we talk about and offer them an opportunity to have you fall in love with their product and develop a long lasting business relationship.  After all, when we support small business we are supporting our very own communities!  At the end of the series there will be a chart with all information presented summarized.

This is the fifth blog post in our Skin Love series.  We are going to discuss Aloette, ENJO and Nucerity!


What everyone should know about Aloette - Well, as the name indicates it is made with Aloe!!!  Aloe is actually the number 1, 2, or 3 ingredient in the products in the skin care line (if you look on the ingredients list of any product, the first listed product is the primary ingredient, the second listed is the secondary product etc...)  We spoke with a representative from Aloette and did some research.  We found out that Aloette's aloe based delivery system allows it to be categorized  as a medical grade skin care line as opposed to a cosmetic skin care line.  The aloe in combination with other natural ingredients has properties to replenish, renew and repair damaged skin!

The other interesting fact that you should know is that Aloette features a "farm to jar" philosophy, meaning that they grow their own Aloe Vera specifically for their products.  It is certified organic, paraben free and clinically shown to be three to ten times more potent than any other traditionally grown Aloe on the market - NICE!!

So if you read our last blog you know our feelings about companies saying that they are organic or natural.  Although there are quite a few ingredients in th eAloette product line, the first, second or third ingredient IS ALOE.  This is a really good thing.  Why?  Aloe has been cited as an amazing healing agent for the skin.  Many use pure aloe to help heal topical burns.  Aloe Vera also speeds the recovery of skin wounds and stimulates cellular rejuvenation.  Again - NICE.

Let's look at the products in the Aloette Aloepure skin care line.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser - This cleanser gently removes oils and impurities while restoring the skin's natural moisture balance.  It has chamomile and green tea extracts for a clean feeling and aloe vera (of course) to soothe irritation. 
We tried this cleanser and loved it!!!  After using it, our skin did not feel tight but more refreshed and clean.  We both used the cleanser with a cloth for optimal cleansing.  We also noticed a citrus smell to this cleanser.  
Retails:  $22

Essential Cleansing Oil -  So although this product has various oils in it's ingredient list (safflower, evening primrose, sunflower seed and avacado) it is not oily!  It cleanses and removes makeup amazingly well while plumping lashes and leaving skin refreshed.  The product is water soluble, does not leave a residue and moisturizes the skin as it cleanses!!  You use this product in the evening while using the gentle foaming cleanser in the morning.  LUV this product.  Truly loved it, truly works, truly love.  Did we say we love this product yet?  

Skin Refining Toner - After cleansing, the skin refining toner is used to remove any remaining traces of makeup, dead surface cells and any pore clogging impurities.  It does this without drying the skin.  It has ingredients to nourish the skin.
We honestly felt that this toner definitely helps to refine pores and leaves the skin feeling that much cleaner after cleansing.
Retail:  $21.00

Time Repair anti-wrinkle serum - Serums absorb past the first layer of skin and when fortified with vitamins and healing properties, will repair damage and protect new skin.  This particular serum reportedly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  How?  Let's explain the real cause of wrinkles.  Lack of moisture can cause skin to wrinkle like a prune.  A build up of dead skin cells on the skin's surface can cause shadows on the skin making it appear like you have deep wrinkles.  So when you add moisture, vitamins, aloe vera and certain types of acids (alpha and beta hydroxy acids) together on your skin you are accomplishing the goal of diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Aloette's Time Repair Serum is formulated for all skin types, non irritating, and is lightweight which absorbs quickly into the skin.
After using this product, I can not say I've seen diminishment in the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles BUT I have seen a difference in the texture of my skin and my skin feels so smooth!
Retails:  $50

Nutri C Moisture Creme - I love when I use a moisturizer and my skin feels like it's taking a tall drink of water.  This moisturizer hydrated and did not feel greasy at all.  It soaked into my skin within seconds of application.  Love it.
Retails:  $25      

Nutri Hydrating Mist - It is truly a mist that you spray on when you complete the above steps.  Leaves skin hydrated and fresh.  It has vitamins A, E, C and B5 complex that work to increase cell regeneration and reduce visible signs of aging.  The aloe vera and silk amino acids increase the skin's moisture levels and is good for all skin types!  Very nice product - very nice!!
Retails:  $24

Pink Ink's thoughts:  The Aloette product is wonderful.  It is nourishing, hydrating and definitely has improved the texture of our skin.  The one downfall is that there are so many steps!  The nice thing is that after a few days of using the products, you get accustomed to the steps and it does not take long.  Loving the Aloette - Pink Ink approved!

When you say you want a skin care line that has no chemicals - Enjo is the one.  With the use of fibres and water, this product line thoroughly cleans and exfoliates your skin.  ENJO body fibres allows you to clean your skin pore-deep using just water while exfoliating gently.  It gives you clear, healthy skin in the most natural way.  The fibers stimulate oxygen flow thus making your skin naturally radiant with a healthy glow.  IN ADDITION, because of the exfoliation, the cloths will help prevent in grown hairs in both men and women and keeps your skin naturally ph balanced.  Superb for acne prone skin (helps clean teenage acne in only days).  Also removes residue of hair coloring and waterproof makeup.

The ENJO products save time, space, money and cleans skin naturally without any products such as cleansers, and toners.  You can use the cloths with your preferred moisturizing cream.

Let's take a look at the ENJO skincare line.

ENJO body duo glove - This product is made to use in the shower or bath.  The stripey side is for your face and the other side is for the rest of your body.  This glove helps to eliminate odors, removes dead skin and bacteria which helps improve the condition of many skin issues.  NICE.  Retails at $49

The ENJO face duo glove - Made with two types of fibers, this glove will cleanse and exfoliate just by switching sides!  The stripey fiber is absorbent and gentle while the other side (seen below) provides a deeper clean and has more exfolient type fibers.  Retails at $35

The ENJO eye pads - The tiny fibres combined with warm water helps to clean the eye area with ease.  Only $16 per pare (if you are interested please hurry.  These prices are subject to change as of May 1!!!)

ENJO does not have a Preferred Customer program, however, customers can get ENJO for half price or free through hosting an in-home product demo.  Another great thing about ordering ENJO - FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada and they ship to most States in the U.S.A.!
ENJO is a great product line that is easy, fast, economic and completely natural and chemical free.
ENJO is an award winning patented fibre.  Their products have been featured in many magazines around the world from business and fashion to homes.  Did you know that using ENJO to clean your skin costs under $5 per month.

Pink Ink thoughts:  The ENJO products thoroughly clean the skin.  The fibers naturally exfoliate and there are no steps!  The only criticism, if you rub too hard skin can become irritated.  Also, I found that the eye pads did not completely remove my mascara. My consultant has advised me to use more water!!  Hear that?  More water - not more product!!  However, the cloths are AMAZING and they work to clean and exfoliate your skin - CHEMICAL FREE.

Nucerity is a new skin care line to South Western Ontario AND it's one of a kind.  What you should know?  Both Proactive and L'Oreal wanted the buying rights for this product.  Why?  It is the world's first breathable barrier mask and it is recommended by dermatologists.  This mask locks in your skin's natural moisture and is made with Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil that helps to repair your skin.  What else should you know?  The founders of Nucerity owned the largest dermatology clinics in Texas with more than 300,000 patients and they were #1 in botox until they found Skincerity.  It started as a drug delivery system for burn victims and skin cancer patients.  However, it was soon realized that it does so much more!  This product has had exclusive medical technology funding with Research grants from the National Institutes of Health.  Skincerity is the world's only patented skincare product with Barrier Technology.  It repairs wrinkles, exzema, psoriasis, roseaca, acne, dark spots, scars, burns, bites and 45 other conditions.  94% of people see results in their first bottle.

Wholesale, the mask is $59.  Retail, the mask is $129.00.  When you become a preferred customer the bottle is $69.95.  There is no fee to become a preferred customer.
Target market:  anyone with skin!!!

Pink Ink view:  What can I say other than - WOW!!!  What we love about the Skincerity product is that it works!!  But even more - it can be used with any of the products that we've reviewed in our skin love blog series!!  We have not changed our mind with regards to recommending that you use one skin care line for your skin care needs - that still stands true.  However, Skincerity has been made to work with any skincare product that does not have retinol AND it will enhance the efficacy of your moisturizer by 97%!!  That's amazing.  Check out this before and after:

The only pitfall is that when you initially put this product on it has a strong medicinal odor.  BUT it quickly flash dries and smells like green apple in 3 seconds.
After using this product I can honestly say my skin looks amazing, feels amazing and most importantly is truly healthy skin deep!  Acne break outs have ceased and my skin is looking smooth and almost flawless.  I say almost because the result of the acne I had has left scars.  This product in conjunction with the other products I use for skin care is lightening the scars.  LOVE!!!!

So, we've done it!  We have offered you our honest opinions on many skincare lines - Mary Kay, Seacret, Arbonne, Luminesce, Aloette, ENJO and Nucerity.  What is the common thread?  They are all products of small business.  You cannot get these products in the store.  We have trusted representatives for each of these product lines that we will gladly refer you to so that you can try these products for yourself.  As promised, we will put all of these products together in a chart so you can compare the prices, the quality and the efficacy.  And yes, we will let you know which one is our favorite!  Until next time, be your most wonderful you and let that inner diva reign!

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink Divas