Thursday, 16 April 2015

Daily Glam days 3 and 4

Hello ladies!!!  Did you like Days 1 and 2?  Well, here are days 3 and 4.  We are showing a yellow top (aaaaahhhhhh colour!!!) but let me tell you how fresh and wonderful you will feel wearing yellow - even if it is out of your comfort zone.

Hourglass, Pear and Rectangle:

Diamond and Apple:

Today we'll talk about embellishments; much like light colours attract the eye, so too does detailing.  In the shirt shown above for Rectangle, Hourglass and Pears - having the flower embellishment on the shoulder will draw the viewers attention.  In this case, the added flower brings the eye up the body and away from the hip area creating balance for our Pear beauties.  If you have broad shoulders, as many Apples tend to, you don't want added attention at the shoulder line and might therefore opt for a top with detailing at the hem to draw the eye down and create the look of balance in your shape.

Because the first top draws the eye up the body and appears to be slightly fitted, it won't be as flattering on an Apple or Diamond shape.  Instead, we're showing a compliment-inducing alternative. The centre ruching will draw the eye into the centre of the torso, while still camouflaging a wider mid-section.

Go fun and flirty with the snake print ballet flats, or fresh and fabulous with the suede pumps.

Day 4, we've toned it back down to beige.  If you haven't heard us say it before - beige is one of those staple colours.  In fact, just to let you know - black, brown, beige, and grey are those staple colours that most women have and should have because you can do so much with them.  So check out the Day 4 outfit.

Hourglass, Pear and Rectangle:

Apple and Diamond:

Today's look is about accessorizing.  Beige is beige right? - but if you've 'done beige right' it can be such an eye-catcher!
This is the necklace shown in the photograph above:
It's bold, it's glamorous and it makes a statement.  By pairing accessories like this with a neutral colour, you've taken the look and given it 'wattage'.  A low-hanging necklace like this would work best on the Hourglass, Diamond and Rectangle - perhaps even Pear - but would draw attention to the wrong areas on an Apple.  Instead, Apples should look for longer necklaces or low-hanging pendants to lessen emphasis on the upper torso.  Inversely, Pears could take this necklace and go even shorter to bring the eye up the body and away from the hips.  It's the illusion of balance that we are striving for.
Moto jackets have been the rage since last fall.  This is a style that can be worn by any body shape, if done correctly.  Hourglass you could rock a paper bag, so we don't focus on your shape too often - but in this case, your best option would be to wear the jacket closed.  Leaving it open will add width to your tapered mid-section and leave you looking a bit heavier than you are.  For the other body shapes, we want to work the other way; by leaving the jacket open and hanging, people are more likely to assume you have a defined waist beneath it. 

Finally, the shoes...  what can be said about the shoes?  Trendy flats or leg-elongating heels - what does your day call for?

We will have day 5 and 6 posted in a couple of days.  Enjoy your looks!!

Pink Ink