Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Makeup Blunders!

So, you know when you are doing your makeup and you are taking your time and then things are going well and you are looking in the mirror and thinking, "Dang, I did a good job with this, let me just add a little something here" (don't judge me, you know you say it too! - lol) and then OH NO!!!  It got messed up.  Well, no worries, Pink Ink to the rescue.  Actually, nothing I'm about to share with you is a trade secret of Pink Ink, but they are tricks that we've learned along the way and thought we'd share with you.

1.  Mascara got smudged and I'm scared if I wipe it, I will ruin the eye shadow makeup that I did! NO WORRIES!!   Here's the thing, this is common.  In fact, if you are able to apply your mascara without ever smudging then you are doing exceptionally well.  Just let it dry, get a q-tip and wipe it off.  You want your eye makeup to be blended anyways, so you're good - lol.  Actually, more often then not, your eye shadow will not even be affected.

2.  I've put on a dark/bright lip color and it smudged over the lip line.  NO WORRIES!!!  Again, take a q-tip, or a lip brush, dip it in a small patch of concealer (I like to put the concealer on the back of my hand and dip the brush in it.  But you don't have to do it that way) then dab on the area that you want to conceal.  You do not have to blend the concealer perfectly, it will "melt" into the skin.

3.  Ummmm, I used way too much blush and now I look like a clown!!!  Help me say it ladies - NO WORRIES!!!  So, you can fix this a couple of ways.  The first way is to take your foundation and rub over the overly blushed area.  It will dull the colour of the blush.  Please note, that if you use a powder blush use a powder foundation/pressed powder over the blush.  If you use a cream blush, use a liquid or powder foundation on top.  It can sometimes get a bit messy or have a "heavy look" when you mix liquid on top of powder.

These were the three top concerns provided to us.  Thank you for your questions and please keep them coming!  If you would like a one on one makeup tutorial or a girls' night makeup tutorial give us a call; email us at info@pinkinkimage or respond below with "I want to be Pinkinktified!"  Thanks for following us and sharing your time with us.  Until next time.

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink