Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Follow up Blog to the Bridal Show - A must read!!!

How many of you are married? How many of you spent your childhood working out in your mind the wedding of your dreams and thought you had it all figured out? The most exciting day of your life was when you got engaged, and you had the ring, and you chose the date, and you knew just what type of place you wanted to get married in, and so on and so forth.

Then you attended a bridal show.

What is a bridal show you ask? Let me tell you. It is a place where hundreds of vendors - specific to a wedding service - are gathered together in a room. The booths are decked out!! You would think you were at a wedding reception if you saw some of the booths. We had a beautiful one as well, designed by the talented Kay Habib of Skill Decor. Skill Decor specializes in home staging, yet Kay turned her talents to the Pink Booth to help us show the audience what an all encompassing experience it is to be a Pink Ink Bride.

So, was Pink Ink there? You betcha! And did we tell brides that Pink Ink would help them make their wedding day memorable? Yes, we did! Were we being honest? Absolutely!!! You see, through our years of working with brides and hearing what they want, we decided to create services specifically for the bride and her wedding party. All with the intention of making her life a little - well actually A LOT - easier.

From listening to our clients over the years, we understand that the "big day" has often been planned by the bride with the support of her friends, loved ones and/or an event planner. Pink Ink recognizes that in all of the hustle and bustle of planning the event, often times the bride spends a great deal of time trying to also ensuring her personal needs are met.

Pink Ink’s bridal services are specifically geared to help and support the bride, as well as the bridal party if you so choose, with everything necessary to bring the people and event together in style!
You’d hire an event planner to create a beautiful space wouldn’t you?  Now you can hire a Pink Ink stylist to help you plan and execute the more personal details that will make you truly shine!

And with our Pink Ink Preferred Network, Pink Ink Brides can also receive additional value and/or discounts from premium local businesses that can provide you the services you will need from now until your wedding day. 

Still not convinced?!?! Contact us today for a free phone consultation. We'll show you how Pink Ink can help turn the vision of you, and your entire bridal party, on your wedding day into a reality!

Were you at the Winter London Bridal Show this weekend? Did you enter our draw for a $250 gift certificate towards Pink Ink Bridal Services? This is your second opportunity to gain an additional entry. Comment below - on this blog post - with your full name as it was on your entry slip and the comment "I want to be a Pink Ink Bride!"