Sunday, 16 November 2014

The latest hottest accessory - Zipsessory! LUV!!!!

We don't often focus on accessories, but it is necessary.  
We've told you that to make an outfit your own, or just different from how you usually wear it, changing the accessories is all you need to do!  
Well, check this out.  For those of you who don't know what a Zipsessory is, it is basically an accessory for your zippers.  
Yes, you read correctly, an accessory for your zippers!!!  

Ladies, you know all of the times you wish you had a partner or a roommate who could zip up the back of your dress because a) your arm isn't long enough or b) the zipper thingy is too short?  Well, Zipsessories helps with that problem AND makes you look stylish at the same time.  Brilliant right?

Shelley Bair, the creator and CEO of Zippsessory says that like many great and innovative products, Zipsessory was created by accident!  Shelley had purchased a pair of knee high boots and removed the price tag.  the plastic hoop remained on the boots after she took the price tag off.  When she did them up for the first time she found that it was much easier to pull up the boot zipper with the plastic loop.  However, the plastic loop was not all that "pretty" so she wondered if anyone made nice zipper pulls for zippers.  Her answer was "no".  So Shelley, being Shelley, decided to take matters into her own hands and Zipsessory Inc was born!  She created her own sophisticated, ingenious jewelry for zippers and this product eventually evolved into a whole product line of zipper jewelry.

Even your accessories can be accessorized!

Ladies, let me tell you how ANY BODY SHAPE, ANY HEIGHT, ANY COLOUR, ANYONE can wear a Zipsessory and look good!!!  I should also mention that 

a Zipsessory gift set will be in the swag bags of the 
2015 Golden Globes!!!  

Isn't that exciting!!!!  

Do you want one, or two, or three?  Shelley is not a Hollywood Star or living the glam life in Beverly Hills.  She's from Oakville, Ontario!  A mother of three and a pharmacist to boot!  So, check out her website, contact her and make an order.  Christmas is coming and she will custom make gift sets for you and your loved ones.  You can also go to Trend Trunk to check out the Zipsessory product line.

Even boys will love Zipsessory!!

I love when simple brilliance equates to glamorous!!  Woohoo!!!!
Shelley Bair - Creator and Founder of Zipsessory