Friday, 28 November 2014

Denise Pelley - A Gem

Did you know that Denise Pelley was one of the three phenomenal guest judges that chose our winners of the Face Of Pink Ink contest? Why were we so excited? Ummmm, did I mention the guest judge was DENISE PELLEY!!! 

Denise is a remarkable woman. Throughout her career, she has performed with orchestras as far afield as Portugal and Germany. She became a focus for jazz lovers in Canada after her debut Jazz CD "Trust the Moment". Denise has appeared on CTV's Canada AM, her music has been heard on CBC, and she has performed with great artists including trombonist, Ray Anderson, Gospel/Blues legend, Jackie Richardson, and Flamenco guitarist, Jesse Cook. Denise has also opened for Aretha Franklin at the John Labatt Centre here in London, Ontario.

Denise's accolades are many. She's performed for sold out audiences all over North America and was premiered in the one and only Lady O's magazine - that's Oprah for those who didn't catch that!!!!

A project near and dear to Denise's heart is the Canadian Aide for Southern Sudan (CASS), a nongovernmental organization that raises funds to help the people of South Sudan. Volunteers visit annually with part of the mission being to deliver a music and art camp for the children. Denise is proudly one of CASS' volunteers and has helped share her love of music with hundreds of children.  

Thank you for sharing your time with us Denise. Thank you for helping to enrich the lives of three beautiful women. Thank you for being you. You are a treasure.

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink