Saturday, 6 September 2014

Did we forget someone?

Sometimes when we put on events the behind the scenes people get missed.  They are not in the forefront but their role is paramount to the success of the event.  One of those behind the scenes people is our beloved, cherished, quiet but fierce photographer - Lindsey Piette with Angelic Images Photography!!!

Lindsey believes that photography is an opportunity to combine creativity with your unique beauty and personality.  Just check out the pics she took of the contestants of the Face of Pink Ink!  She truly has a gift.  Go the Face of Pink Ink fb page to check out the albums of the contestants and see Lindsey's work first hand!  In the meantime, check out Lindsey directing the photoshoots with elegance and class.

As we say our thank yous to everyone involved with the Face of Pink Ink event, we have to say Thank You a million times over to Lindsey the official 2014-2015 photographer for the 
Face of Pink Ink 2014.  
We love you Lindsey!

Contact Lindsey for your personal photo session today!

Special thank you to Gold Sponsor, Lynn Grushka with ENJO!

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