Sunday, 24 August 2014

A day in the life of a Pink Ink Diva + A Few BIG Announcements!!!!

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I woke up today feelin like today is a pampering day.  Went to have a shower with Seacret body scrub - Honey and Sea Salt.  My skin feels like butta (butter).  Alanna is the best Seacret Agent!  Now, I have to take care of my face - the Aloe from the
Aloette product line makes my skin radiate! Margaret is an amazing Aloette beauty queen.  Oops, I did not get all of my eye makeup off!  No worries, my eye pads from ENJO always gets all of the excess makeup off.  Just add some water onto the pad and voila!  All gone.  Lynn is a pro when it comes to ENJO.  You know what?  I'm going to do a little extra today.  The Nerium product will take years off of my skin.  Mmmmmmmm, feels so nice.  Glad I met Kathleen at that trade show.  Her products are sooooo nice.  

Ok, face done, body clean, I need a rockin' outfit.  My girls from Jockey always make me look great! Love Mary-Ann and Carolyn!  
 Hmmm, something is not done!  Oh, my nails!!  No time for a manicure - Cheryl with Jamberry will take care of me.  I will give her a shout and get my nails done!  Will last a good two to four weeks so do it now and don't have to worry about it again!  

Ok, so I'm having a party tonight.  I need to have a spotless house but who has the time to clean?  Ooh, I will call Peggy with Peggy's Clean Team.   

I've called and she will be here at 3pm done by 5pm.  She's so awesome. 

Heading out the door.  I need some motivational music as I drive.  Oooh, Saidat with Music, Movement and Motivation would be perfect!!!  

So, I'm in my car, boppin to some tunes.  You know what?  I should really have this party tonight documented and filmed.  Pam & Michael from 3-Ring Video Productions would be perfect!  

They will be here at 6pm!  Woohoo!!  Shoot, I need a few photographers.  I know!  Anne Marie with Phelan Photography and Lindsey with Angelic Images would be great!  They are so good at what they do!

Holy, what a busy day!  What's next?  Makeup!!!  Where are my Pink Ink Cosmetics?  Love that stuff!!  Lasts all day!!  I will go and pick up my order on my way home.  Did you know the Pink Ink cosmetics were made in Canada, paraben free and allergy tested?  Bonus!  

I've been running around all day, I truly need to relax.  I'm going to go to see Dianne Boundikas with Reflexology and get my relaxation on!  

Oops, can't forget my tote bag from thirty-one. Those bags are amazing!!!  Jenn Lautebach and Melissa Van Sas are terrific Thirty-one reps.  Jen was so sweet to donate a tote to each winner of the Face of Pink Ink contest.  Pink ones no less - lol.  

Oops, almost forgot to pick up my gift for the reflexologist.  Keri gave me samples of the Plexus Slim drink that will help improve my health and help with that waist line!!  Keri's awesome.  

Wow!  Got a lot done today.  Now I have to get ready for the party tonight.  On the way home I'm stopping at Jane the Bra Lady's house.  Jane always has the perfect bra for me to wear with my dress!  

So, I have my bra, I have my shoes and I have my dress.  OMG - MY HAIR!!!!  I'd better run over to Wright Hair & Co. and get Dodie, Ashley, Emilie and Dom to take a look at my hair.  They ALWAYS make me look fresh and funky!!  What a great team.  Calling them, hoping they have space!  Yes, they do.  Flying over there now!!!! 

Ok, so now I'm sitting and getting my hair done and I'm seeing this flyer for the Face of Pink Ink contest.

 GOTTA ENTER THAT!!!  These flyers are NICE.  Oh, of course they are, Arnie from In Your Face printed them.  Need to log that info for my next print job.

Running late now, gotta run home and get dressed!  Major party tonight!!

Ok, I'm home.  The house looks awesome!!!  Peggy only uses ENJO cloths to clean.  All you do is add water to the cloths/surface and clean!  Damn the house looks spotless!! ENJO is  great product.  Have to remember to call Lynn and thank her again for having that ENJO party for me at her place poolside the other day.  It was so much fun!

Time to put on my formal wear.  Oh, oh!!  My dress zipper clasp broke!!  No worries!  My girl Shelley from Zipsessory has hooked me up with great zipper accessories.  Never contort again to zip up the back of my dress!  Woohoo!!  Nice, lookin good.  

Need my jewels from Tammy with Park Lane.  Her stuff has been in the major National pageants AND her jewelry line is what they use with Dancing with the Stars.  Just sayin.

Oops, I hear the doorbell!  My guests are arriving and Saidat's music is pumping!  I'm coming down the stairs and I see that everyone is having a great time.  Perfect time to make my announcement:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming this evening.  I have a debt of gratitude to five special ladies.  They have worked tirelessly to make Pink Ink's event- The Face of Pink Ink - a great success.  The most amazing blogger Shelly Shepherd from

the phenomenal and creative team from WIBusiness - Sherry Simoes and Jackie Geeves, 

and our extraordinary photographer, Lindsey Piette - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My last thank you is for my sista from anotha motha - the one and only Rita Perepelitsky!  She is my partner in crime! The only person I trust to have my back in a dark alley and ensure my lipstick is perfect the whole time!  Miss Rita - Woohoo!!!  Let's go party like it's 1999!! (So glad I did my stretches with Michelle Goldrick or I couldn't dance the night away tonight!)

What?  You thought the announcement of who the winners of the 2014-2015 Face of Pink Ink contest was going to be made here?  Well, if you want to meet the winners in person and talk to them about their experience, then you will have an opportunity at the Ladies Night Out  - A Red Carpet Affair on October 17th!  

It's going to be an amazing time for all!!  Pink Ink has partnered with the London Mompreneurs to do Pink Ink's charitable annual fundraiser!  Pink Ink's charity of choice this year is S.W.I.M. (Single Women in Motherhood).  Just happens to be the London Mompreneur's charity as well!!  This event will be awesome with fashions from Juniper, Jockey and Carmina De Young.  

There will be shopping, dinner, prizes, and fun!!!  Did you want to attend - for free?!  No problem, purchase your ticket by September 19, 2014 and your name will be put into a draw.  You will not only be reimbursed for your ticket, BUT you will also get your hair and makeup done for the event AND a Pink Ink stylist will help you pick out that perfect dress!  What an opportunity!

Did you miss the Face of Pink Ink contest this year?  WELL, HERE IS THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!  For every ticket purchased by October 10th you will be entered into a draw to win your FREE ENTRY INTO THE FACE OF PINK INK 2015-2016!!!  Whether you enter the contest or not is up to you. Whether you've entered the contest in the past is irrelevant.  YOU WILL receive a makeover Pink Ink style!  And if you don't know, we MAKE SURE you feel like the queen you truly are!!


Your pic could be here in a year!  

So we've had lots of fun here.  Above, you read that we are asking you to visit the sponsors of the Face of Pink Ink and like their pages or leave them a positive comment.  We thank you for your continued support of us and also for supporting the sponsors that help us bring you the best that we have.  Let us know your favorite part of the story.  What made you smile?  For every person that comments below or sends us a message, YOU will get an entry into a prize from Pink Ink!!  Winner will be contacted so ensure you leave contact info.  What's the prize?  That's a secret!!!  Talk soon.  

Yours in Beauty,

Jen & Rita