Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Introducing FOPI Team Member Mary-Ann Cuglietta Fougere, Carolyn Drummond and Jockey P2P

I pushed the release on this post a bit….

Yes, I was going to announce and thank Carolyn and Mary-Ann anyways, but today is the PERFECT DAY because Jockey P2P is having their 75% off sale!

Yes, buy one piece at regular price and choose any of the below for 75% off!

That's tank tops for $8.50 Cdn, cardigans for $21.75, jackets for $39.25 - CRAZY deals!

Yes, even the JERSEY CONVERTIBLE SKIRT - which you can wear 8 different ways is on sale!

Quantities are limited, so you have to contact Mary-Ann and/or Carolyn asap to get your order in.

Better still, book your Jockey P2P party with either one and you'll get to see the new Fall Line coming later in July!

Carolyn and Mary-Ann are team members for the Face of Pink Ink and will be dressing contestants in the latest styles from Jockey P2P for their photo shoots.

Mary-Ann, Carolyn, we are lucky to have you and are grateful for all you have done and continue to do for the FOPI Team and Contestants!

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