Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Daily Glam Sneak Peeks!

Do you remember the show "What Not To Wear"?

Where Professional Stylists came in and went through the person's closet and told them where they were going wrong in dressing each day?

In a nutshell, that's what Daily Glam is.

We are going to go through your closet and tell you which items you should have to be current.

If you don't have them, we will provide you with a list so that you can get them - from your sister, from your Bestie, from Nordstroms or from Goodwill - doesn't matter where.

Once you have your "Glam Capsule" together, we will e-mail you each evening and tell you what you are going to wear tomorrow.

Not only that, but we will tell you what to wear so that the best parts of YOUR body shape are accentuated.

Sound like fun?


It's like a little e-mail present each evening and you will be so excited to see what's in store.

Still not quite clear?

Let me show you some sneak peek examples (and not all of these are published yet, so you really are getting in early!)

All of these sneak peeks are from the same capsule!
You will receive one of these per day for 21 days!

Check out Daily Glam now to see why each outfit was chosen and how it was specifically selected to accentuate YOUR best features.

Then sign up now!

The August capsule will be released on August 1st and the first style storyboard will be sent out on the 9th.  You don't have much time left to join in the fun and fashion.

$25 for one month of poise, elegance and confidence…. provided to you by professionals.

Unheard of!