Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Aloette - Buy One, Get One!

Why choose Aloette? 

Science and common sense show that the best natural ingredients are also the freshest. At Aloette, our products bring you premium quality ingredients – from freshly harvested naturals to our proprietary aloe vera, Aloganics  Alloette – straight from the farm that grows them right into our jars. 

  • Aloeganic aloe vera offers superior product performance and potency on three key levels
  •  Aloeganic is proven to be three to ten times more effective than conventional aloe ve
  • Encapsulated Acemannan – aloe’s key beneficial compound delivers enhanced results
  • Certified Organic and Paraben Free.

    Bring you the best in the 3 P's of skincare. Purest grade ingredients, the highest potency and the best penetrating delivery system using pure organic aloe vera found in ALL of our skincare products. Aloette combines the most state-of-the-art cosmeceutical ingredients available with pure aloe vera gel and other natural and botanical ingredients. All are allergy-free, non-comedogenic and contain clinically tested ingredients.

    Currently over at Aloette we are having our Summer BOGO sale on our Simply Clear Skincare, Spa Indulgence Body Care and on select items in our Make up line. Sale ends August 31st and is available through both 'in home show orders' as well as 'individual customer orders'. 

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