Monday, 30 June 2014

Welcome to the Face of Pink Ink 2014 - Jamberry Nails!

Nail biters beware…
if temptation to nibble those follicles wasn't already difficult - now we have Jamberry Nails!

These aren't really how I'm making it sound - Cheryl Duin carries a line of vinyl nail wraps that are applied to fingers and/or toes with a heat source and can last 2-3 weeks on your fingers and 6-8 weeks on your toes!
Better still, you get 2-3 manicures per sheet!

Jamberry Nails are non-toxic, chemical free and made in the USA.

Cheryl is passionate about helping women look and feel great, so it is with great pleasure that we announce her as a sponsor for the Face of Pink Ink 2014 - another program that celebrates women.

Look good and have fun with close to 300 nail designs from mild to wild, french tips and juniors.  Jamberry Nails also work on gel, acrylic and shellac nails!  Easy to apply, easy to remove.

Perhaps we should even submit a design to the custom design section of Jamberry Nails and get a "Face of Pink Ink 2014" set made?

Just a thought….

Thank you Cheryl and welcome to the Face of Pink Ink 2014!