Thursday, 26 June 2014

Welcome to the Face of Pink Ink 2014 - Zipsessory!

What is Zipsessory?

Exactly as it sounds - an accessory for zippers. (aka. zipper bling!)

An ingenious invention that helps to not only accessorize your outfit, but to make zippers easier to reach and use!

Dresses, coats, boots, shoes, purses, bags even portfolios and laptop cases - anything with a zipper needs a Zipsessory.

Zipsessory is not only supporting the Face of Pink Ink 2014 by becoming a sponsor and advocate for building confidence in women everywhere - but they will also be providing their gorgeous pieces for the Golden Globe swag bags!

You could be wearing Zipsessory before the movie stars!

For more information and to see the many styles of Zipsessory accessories, check out Shelley's website here and order before Angelina buys out the entire stock!

Thank you Shelley for your kind and generous support of the Face of Pink Ink 2014.

P.S.  Click over to the site - you might recognize the model!