Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pink Ink Cosmetics - E-Catalogue is here!

{This post was written by Shelly of 100Things2Do.  All opinions expressed are her own.}

It's here!

I for one, have been waiting ages for it to arrive, and this week it did!

Pages of glorious colours and creamy goodness.

Nope, not ice cream - that's my second favourite thing - it's the…

PINK INK Cosmetic Catalogue!

E-Catalogue here

Not just any cosmetics - these products were thoroughly tested.

We're talking…
Hypoallergenic: items that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions.
Non-comedogenic: products that are oil-free or water based - non-acne causing.
Fragrance free:  without fragrance.
made in CANADA!

Check out a few of my favourite pages…

I LOVE that Pink Ink has put together palettes for your eyeshadows!

You can buy any of these colours (or about a million more) individually, or you can select your favourite colour palette per their recommendations for a seamless look:

These are just a few of the colours.  There are pages of them!

What about luscious, juicy lips?

Pretty provocative names eh?

This is the best part - you can lead a horse to water (with the e-catalogue) but you can't make her drink… meaning, all the colours and delicious products in the world won't work if you don't know how to apply them to highlight your very best features.

Pink Ink also offers Skype tutorials on make-up application and processes!

You HAVE TO flip through and see all that they offer!

To order e-mail Pink Ink directly or visit the website.