Thursday, 22 May 2014

How about a Makeup Tutorial?

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I'm not even going to start this with before photos - you've seen me drawing on eyebrows and colouring my hair

The before is NOT good.

But I had Part II of my Pink Ink makeover which was a makeup session!

I'm not really a girly-girl;  I've gone the last 41 years au-naturel.
No foundation, no concealer, no moisturizer and only a line or two of eyeliner and lipgloss.

It's not that I didn't want to be more sophisticated - it's that I didn't know what to do with everything.
And truthfully, I thought that girls with freckles couldn't wear all kinds of stuff or it would make our freckles look pasty.

There or gone - can't have pasty.

Jen and Rita came over for Part II, and it didn't start well:

During the inventory of my current makeup stash, I learned that makeup has an expiry date…

and it's less than 10 years.

Considerably less.

I guess some of my stash isn't even in production anymore. 

Garbage it goes.
Sniff, sniff - that's my wedding makeup!
(although I will admit that the mascara was kind of like peanut butter - and Jen pointed out that lipstick will "smell" when it's off).

(Mary Kay ladies - you'll laugh at this if you've been in the industry awhile)

Once the inventory is done, the ladies brought out their "spackle kit" to resurface.

They give you a tutorial on three different looks.

Rita did one side of my face and I was supposed to replicate what she taught me on the other.

They selected colours that would compliment my skin tones.

This is the tutorial on how to apply concealer; from the corners of your eyes down (between Rita's thumbs and forefingers).  This will bring light under the eyes and contouring the cheeks will give them depth and definition.
Great for chubby cheeks like mine.

Given enough time, this would also work as a nose straightener (mine's crooked). lol

There's the "5 minute look";  a quick look that you can do when rushing out the door.  Very natural, very clean - but still with highlights in all the right places.

Who knew I had eyelashes?!

Then there was the business/professional look.  This one uses a few more products to give you a more polished look:

Finally, they taught me an evening/glamour look.  This is one you'd use on a fancy night out, or for photo shoots (because I have SO MANY of those lol) or for public speaking.

I promise the only photo editing I did on this was whitening my teeth and hiding a few creases in my neck.

The rest of the magic was all Pink Ink!

Wow - who knew there was a woman underneath all those freckles?

Thank you Jen and Rita!

Ladies, schedule your own makeup session asap!

You could join me at "Diva on a Dollar" and learn the same way I did!

Alternatively, sign up for "The Face of Pink Ink 2014" contest and let Rita and Jen do your makeup for you, Wright Hair & Co. style your hair and Angelic Images Photography do a professional photo shoot of the new you!

More information here.