Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashion Faux Pas - Part III

Some final "yea" or "nays" from the Divas at Pink Ink.

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Don't wear more than one bold colour.

Why not?

Of course you can - but be smart about it.  Solid bold colours with bold coloured accessories are always a hot look.  Especially when you choose colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

If you wear a bold top and bold shoes, make sure to wear a neutral skirt or land to break up the colour fields.

Always match your shoes with your belt or your purse.

This is an old myth that needs to be put to bed.  Your shoes do not have to match your belt or your purse.  It’s always a classic when the shoes are in the same colour family as the outfit but you do not need an exact match for your shoes and pieces in your outfit. 

Because we love you we went to and found some really good advice on how to match your shoes to your clothes;
  • Choose shoe colours that match your clothes instead of colours that compete with your clothes. 
  • Wear simple black heels sans embellishment when wearing a dress with a bright, bold pattern. 
  • Consider neutral heels or flats if you have on a sparkly evening top. 
  • Add zest to a plain outfit by wearing brighter shoes. Add a pop of colour by pairing a red heel with a black or brown dress. 
  • Try a dressy shoe with a funky pattern, like alligator skin, if you have on a simple blouse and neutral trousers or jeans. 
  • Hone in on a colour found in your clothing if you’re wearing a multi-coloured outfit. 
For instance, if you have on a blouse with a geometric pattern including the colours purple and pink, consider a deep purple shoe. 

  • Avoid strict colour matching. Do not wear one solid colour from head to toe. If you have on a blue blouse and a blue skirt, avoid wearing blue shoes. 


  • Consider different shades. If you have a light pink blouse on, try wearing a rose-colored flat or heel instead of a shoe in the same shade of pink. 
  • Select standard colors for professional settings.
  • Wear brown and black leather shoes at a conservative office. 

  • Incorporate colour only if you have a less strict office with a corporate casual dress code. 

For more info on how to pick the right shoes for your outfit please go to WikiHow WEALTH of info!! 

You shouldn't wear white before May long weekend or after Labour Day.

I hate this one.  
I have some cute white pieces that I love to wear and well, I wear them anytime I want – BUT – within reason.  

I did some research to figure out where this fashion faux pas originated and the explanations ranged from very practical to sheer snobbery.  For example, there was an article in Time magazine by Laura Fitzpatrick that provided the simple explanation of wearing white in the summer was simply cooler in the hot sun.  
Another explanation was that the rich wore white in the summer because they were the only ones who could afford a vacation.  Apparently, the rich vacationers would be off “galavanting” while the labourers continued to work and wear “drabby” clothes.  The wearing of white differentiated the rich from the not so rich.  When September rolled around, the rich would return to “normal” society and put away their distinguishing white clothing. 
 Not sure about that one.  

No matter how it started take it from Pink Ink – you can wear whatever you want and look good  but you have to know your audience and you have to know the nature of the event.  

Want to know more about this?  Come to our Diva on a Dollar workshop being held in various venues throughout Ontario this summer and we will be happy to elaborate! 

You shouldn't leave your bra straps exposed. 

 This is a hard one – kinda.  
Again, you have to know your audience.  Would I wear exposed bra straps doing gardening around the house? – Sure.  

Would I wear exposed bra straps to the office – heck no!  

Good news is that there are so many ways to make your bra straps a decorative part of your outfit;  visit Kristina Bra Bling on Facebook - she has hundreds of ways to decorate your bra straps.  You can also opt to go strapless! 

Visit Jane Collins – the Bra Lady – on Facebook and she can help get you fitted for a proper bra.  

If you want to err on the side of caution and maintain a classy look – don’t expose them.  It’s a fashion faux pas that has yet to be totally admonished. 

If wearing something sheer, you should opt for nude underwear/bra.

Totally depends on the look you are going for AND depends of the colour of the sheer outfit.  
Black sheer – I would wear black underwear.  
Beige or neutral toned sheer – neutral coloured undies.  
Sheer anything is a big fashion trend this season.  
Remember a few simple rules when wearing sheer. 
  • Don’t opt for wearing nothing.  Not cool.  The sexiness in wearing sheer is the illusion of nothing underneath.  Don’t break the illusion – I beg of you. 
  • Wear presentable undergarments – lacy, sexy pieces are nice.  Nothing too “granny” like boy shorts for panties and nothing too sexy like the thong.  
  • Make sure they fit and personally, the classier women I’ve seen wearing sheer actually have clothing on underneath.  Like a slip or sexy tank top. 

Not cool.  I would have done a sexy red or even black lacy bra Brittany.  
Venus – sorry, that top was not made for you. However, a black bra would have done you well. 

I would have done a black bra - sorry J-Lo - not cool.

Sandals with socks?

This has become quite popular.  We are going to say don’t do it unless it is a particular fashion statement. 

OMG - Really?

VPL (Visible panty line).

Avoid it if you can.  It's hard sometimes because you may be wearing something fitted and your panty line shows when you move a certain way…
The issue with the panty line is that usually it leads to unflattering bulges in not-so-great places.

Case in point:

So what can you do to fight this?  Thong underwear is a solution.  Spanx is another.  Ensure your clothing fits properly to help avoid lines. 

Exposed thong underwear?

DEFINITE FAUX PAS!!  Don’t do it.  We are not against wearing thongs because it totally helps with the panty line issue HOWEVER, having them exposed is not classy.  
Put on a belt and wear a long top if you are wearing low waisted pants.