Monday, 5 May 2014

Fashion Faux Pas - Part I

Although there are a number of fashion faux pas that Pink Ink may agree with, there are several that we do not  support.  

Style & Image – it’s all about personal style (and practicality!)  
As Divas we know that rules were meant to be broken!  

Let’s talk about some common ones now:

Never wear navy with black:  

You can totally break this rule BUT you have to be careful with how you do it.  It is not as simple as just putting a black pair of shoes with a navy dress – that looks like a mistake.  As stylist Lyndsey Weiner would state: "if you are going to wear black and navy then make it look deliberate.  Balance the look with accessories like your handbag and jewelry."  This will make it known that you purposely meant to break this fashion myth and rocked it! 

Never wear gold and silver together:  

Huh?  Really?  This is a rule that definitely needs to be broken.  In today’s world it's almost a rule to not wear ONLY gold or ONLY silver!  JOKING – but seriously, it’s stylish to mix it up.  In fact, some of the most beautiful jewelry today is created by combining these two metals together. 

Layering the necklaces, bracelets and rings will make you a fashion queen.  You could add other coloured metals as well - maybe coloured pieces, rose gold or bronze jewelry.   

Never wear blue and green together:  

A friend told me a poem her mother often recited:
"Blue and green should ne'er be seen, unless it is with yellow in between." 

The best colours to wear together are different hues of the same colour or opposite colours on the colour wheel.  The problem with wearing blue and green is that they are very close together on the colour wheel.  Does this mean it can’t be done?  Not at all.   

Pink and red together are tacky:  

Again, like green and blue, this combination together will depend on you being deliberate in your putting pieces together.  Be bold and rock the look you want. 

Horizontal lines will make you look heavy:  

Horizontal lines are not for everyone - it is true.  They can be very unflattering for certain figure types.  For our extra lovely women, it is best to wear stripes that are diagonal and vertical – this keeps the eye from looking from left to right and more up and down.  The latter is more flattering to the eye.  Also, avoid wearing an outfit that is top to bottom stripes.  Try wearing a top with stripes with a solid bottom or vice versa.  Wearing stripes on the bottom and top can be overwhelming.   

This is the first in a series of posts discussing fashion faux pas and whether we feel they are true or outdated.

Please check back Wednesday for part two!