Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pink Ink's Skin Love

Pink Ink's Skin Love is finally here!  We, at Pink Ink, took the basic skin care lines of Mary Kay, Arbonne, Aloette, Enjo, Luminesse, Skincerity and Seacret and tested them out.  Please keep in mind that we are going to report on our experience and provide you with information to make an informed decision on which products you may want to choose to use for yourself. 
Remember that top layer of skin we spoke about yesterday - the epidermis?  It is the layer of skin that is visible to the naked eye and it needs to be cared for on a daily basis.  However, you also want a product line that is going to help repair any damage that has occurred to the epidermis AND dermis.   Therefore, in any product line you want to ensure you are choosing a product that is going to include the following five steps:  Cleanse, Exfoliate, Freshen, Protect and Moisturize. Why these five?  Let us tell you.
Cleanse:  It is important to cleanse daily (twice a day actually) to rid the skin of any pollutants, irritants, makeup and impurities.  DO NOT CLEANSE WITH A BAR SOAP.  We cringe when women say they just use a bar soap on their skin.  Why?  According to Dr. Oz, bar soaps tend to contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of it's natural moisture.  We want to retain moisture not get rid of it!!  Remember this important fact.

Exfoliate:  A daily exfoliant is necessary to rid the skin of dead skin cells that can leave the skin looking dull.  Further, the dead surface cells can clog pores which can cause pimples (none of us want those!).  Exfoliated skin is smooth and radiant looking.  It provides us with that glow that we all know and love.

Freshen:  We need to freshen the skin to tone and refine pores.  Many of us suffer with "big pores" along the nose and inner cheeks.  Freshening allows for smoother more flawless looking skin.

Moisturize:  Skin craves moisture - especially here in Canada when the winters can be harsh and cold.  For softer, smoother skin we must hydrate.  Think of the plum and the prune.  The more moisture we can retain, the more supple and smooth the skin will look.  The lack of moisture causes the skin to be dry, crack and wrinkle.  Therefore, if we want to ward off the wrinkles, we must moisturize and use products that help us retain moisture.

Protect:  Many of the issues we experience with our skin are caused by sun and environmental damage.  It is vitally important to protect the skin from the UVA and UVB rays to avoid damage such as burns, discoloration, and the early signs of aging.

In the several products that we are going to study over the next few days we are going to look at how each of the product lines follows the above five steps.  They say knowledge is power, just wait and see how powerful you are at the end of this series!  Next blog we will look at Mary Kay & Seacret products.  Stay tuned......


Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink Divas