Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Face of Pink Ink 2013-2014

Hello World!!!!  Well, back in June 2013 we had a 'Face of Pink Ink' contest where over 20 women experienced a makeover with hair and makeup, clothing from Old Navy and a professional photo shoot with Kamini from Silent Poetry.  Three women in three different phases of life ultimately won the grand prize and have been representing Pink Ink throughout their reign with their beauty, knowledge and talents.  They were promised a number of prizes, one of those prizes was a glamour photo shoot with 
Kamini from Silent Poetry.  Take a look at these beautiful pics!

Rosalie, Sara and Jessie have represented themselves and Pink Ink so well this past year.  Rita and I want to say THANK YOU!!!  Your beauty, grace and talent have been invaluable to Pink Ink. 

The 'Face of Pink Ink 2014-2015' contest has been revamped and the prizes are going to be PHENOMENAL!  If you would like insider knowledge (meaning an email sent to you a week prior to the release re. the Face of Pink Ink contest) send us a message with your email.  We will send you the info first!

Yours in Beauty,

Pink Ink Divas